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Computer Repair Technician in Pembroke Pines

Located in Florida, US, Pembroke Pines has an estimated population of 154,750. The city is home to a number of reputed educational institutes that offer both basic and advanced level degree programs in a number of concentrations. Students who are interested in becoming computer repair technicians can get into schools that offer degree and diploma programs in this field.

Diploma of Computer Repair Technician in Pembroke Pines can be completed in 6 months to one year. Students in this training course learn to repair and troubleshoot computers. They also learn to install software in this program. In addition, repairing printers, disc drives, and servers is also taught in diploma of computer repair technician in Pembroke Pines FL. Going through this diploma allows students to solve various complicated problems related to computer hardware and software. They also get to upgrade and assemble systems in addition to changing obsolete parts.
Students who are interested in getting into computer repair technician programs in Pembroke Pines need to have high school qualification. Those who have taken computer programming and graphic design courses have brighter chances of getting admission in these training programs. Other requirements for admission may vary from program to program.
There are various courses covered in diploma of computer repair technician programs. Some of them include digital logic, computer networks and troubleshooting computer microprocessors. Soldering electrical components, installing, maintaining and repairing computers are other important courses in this program. Communicating with customers is also taught in diploma and degree programs in computer repair technician.
Career prospects for professionals with Diploma of Computer Repair Technician in Pembroke Pines are very bright. This is because more and more companies in this city are becoming dependent on technology and computers, which in turn calls for additional professionals that can look after and maintain computers and systems. Once students complete this diploma program, they can readily find lucrative job opportunities in a number of industries and earn $8.53 - $22.54 per hour.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What would be my responsibilities as a computer repair technician in Pembroke Pines?

A:As a computer repair technician in Pembroke Pines, professionals will be required to diagnose and repair software and hardware breakdowns. Professionals in this field are usually categorized and field and bench technicians. Field technicians are those who make house calls while bench technicians have their own business or work for a company where computers are sent for repair. There is huge potential in this sector with Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating a significant increase in demand in the coming few years.

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