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Master in Mathematics

A master's degree in mathematics provides students with knowledge about several concepts related to advanced calculations and working with various theorems. Students who are interested in mathematics-related careers can pursue a degree program in this area of study. According to Time Magazine, careers in mathematics ranked in the top-3 slot of the earnings list in 2011. Graduates can consider working towards becoming mathematicians, actuaries or statisticians. The employment of mathematicians is expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations between 2012 and 2022, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs for actuaries are also expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations during the same decade.

Degrees in Mathematics
A number of campus-based as well as online colleges offer degrees in mathematics. Students can work towards the undergraduate or master's degrees. The program duration may vary depending on the enrollment status of students.

Master in Mathematics
Students who hold an undergraduate degree in mathematics can work towards the master's degrees and gain in-depth knowledge in this area. These programs give students a chance to learn how to apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems. Candidates also get to develop analytical and problem-solving skills. The master's degree also helps candidates hone skills in a specialty area, from number theory, algebra and to discrete mathematics.

The master's programs may take 1-2 years to complete depending on the route that students decide to take. The coursework in these programs may include several topics such as corporate finance, advanced mathematical methods, analytic number theory, fractal geometry and more. Classes are also available in calculus and business.

Online Master in Mathematics
There are some online colleges that offer master's degrees in mathematics as well. Unlike campus-based programs, students in these programs can study at timings that suit their individual routine. Classes are managed on the internet – students are provided with a number of tools that help them participate in these programs from any location. A number of learning technologies such as chat forums, e-learning software and video conferencing help candidates study in the online degree programs in mathematics, prepare and submit assignments and stay in touch with the instructors.

Admissions Requirements
To enroll in a master's program in mathematics candidates should hold a bachelor's degree. They may also need to have prior work experience. In addition, candidates may also be required to submit letters of recommendation and appear for interviews.

Employment Opportunities
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for mathematicians are expected to increase by 23% between 2012 and 2022. Mathematicians may find work opportunities in several settings such as scientific research and development services, scientific and technical consulting services as well as architectural, engineering, and related services. These professionals may also find jobs in genies, brokerages, and other insurance related activities as well as management, scientific, and technical consulting services.

The compensation may vary by location, qualification and experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for mathematicians in 2012 was $101,360 while actuaries made $93,680.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell which important math subjects are studied in Applied Mathematics Masters Programs?

A:The program of applied mathematics covers complete areas in this field of study. Subjects have been mentioned here that form a part of its curriculum: scientific mathematics computing, applied linear algebra, numerical methods, numerical analysis and boundary value problems, dynamical systems and chaos, vector calculus and complex variables, partial differential equations, and calculus of variations.

Q:Master Applied Mathematics degree holders can find suitable jobs in which professional fields?

A:A person with a degree in applied mathematics can apply for jobs I the following relevant professional fields: biotechnology, statistician's field, finance departments (private and federal), engineering, cryptology, information technology, teaching and education, consultancy profession, economics and statistics, management sectors, and others. These jobs require applied math skills as the key job responsibility for performing various tasks.

Q:Can you please tell me what are the contents of the course on Statistical Analysis in the Master in Mathematics?

A:The Master in Mathematics has dedicated course on Statistical Analysis. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the basic foundations of the analysis of statistics. Students are provided knowledge of the normal probability distribution as well as he methods of testing and sampling. Hands on experience is also provided to the students.

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