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Master in Biology

Biologists are scientists who are curious about life; whether it is a stick insect that can camouflage within twigs or it is a human baby going through a 9 months vivid development period within a womb, biologists observe and experiment with the goal of discovering new things that have a positive impact on the human life. Many high-tech universities all over the country offer first-rate programs leading to a Master in Biology degree for people who are enthusiastic about cracking the code of life.

Scope of Biology Master Programs
The field of biology is no more limited to just studying animals and plants; it has expanded into a vast field with several subfields. Students interested in doing their graduate studies in biology can enroll in several Master of Biology programs with specialization in Microbiology, Zoology, Botany, Genetics, and Environmental Biology. Furthermore, with the advancement in technology, new fields are being created; for example, Computer Science and Biology have combined to develop artificial neural networks. Biotechnology is another subfield of biology where students study about the role of biology in industrial processes and pharmacy. Hence, Biology is a tremendously exciting field with a myriad of options for people interested in exploring their potential.
Admission Requirements
Biology is a competitive field that requires intelligent, hard-working individuals who are devoted to the study of life. Universities usually look for diligent people with an ability to work long hours without being pressurized; they should also be detail conscious as biology is all about conducting experiments, doing research, and objectively interpreting the results. Moreover, most of the universities require the applicants for the Biology master programs to be well-versed in biological concepts i.e. they should have taken Biology as a major in their undergraduate program. GRE scores, recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose are other requirements for admission.
Career Prospects
People with a Master in Biology have extensive options in front of them after their graduation. They can join pharmaceutical companies and conduct research to discover better drugs and medical diagnostic tests. They can also work in the field as ecologists, botanists, marine biologists, and zoologists.

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