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PhD in Clinical Psychology

A doctoral of clinical psychology is for those motivated students who are keen to work on the frontiers of original research in psychology. Psychology remains one of the most popular majors in the United States so it is no surprise that a large number of students express interest in completing a doctoral in clinical psychology.

Structure and Duration of the Degree Program

The doctoral of clinical psychology generally involves two full years of coursework at the graduate level. At this point, students enrolled in the doctoral program in clinical psychology tend to focus on their thesis which generally involves more than two years of work. Students in the doctoral program of clinical psychology generally have a choice between focusing on theoretical or practical aspects of the studies.

Highlights of the Coursework

The doctoral of clinical psychology allows students to draw upon work in economics, sociology, statistics and computer science to establish an area of focus. Some of the most intriguing research in the doctoral of clinical psychology is done by those students who are interested in exploring the intersection of the various areas.

Admission Criteria and Graduation Requirements

Those interests in the doctoral of clinical psychology generally have a relevant undergraduate degree, a strong record and some form of research experience. Students graduate with the doctoral of clinical psychology after successfully defending their thesis.

Career Prospects and Average Salary

Those who complete the doctoral of clinical psychology generally enter careers in research and teaching and earn over $70,000 annually.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which schools offer the doctoral degree in clinical psychology?

A:A bunch of online as well as campus-based institutes offer the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Here are the names of a few institutes offering this degree: The University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of South Alabama, Argosy University, California Lutheran University, Fielding Graduate University, John F Kennedy University, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, and University of the Rockies.

Q:What is phd clinical psychology?

A:PhD in clinical psychology is a doctoral program that focuses upon the integration of clinical knowledge and science. Students will cover many advanced topics during the program and can prepare for executive or research oriented job positions ahead. The curriculum is geared towards helping students learn how to prevent and relieve psychologically based dysfunctions among patients.

Q:How will I be eligible for a doctoral in clinical psychology?

A:You will be eligible for a doctoral degree if you have previously completed a master's degree in a related field of psychology from an accredited institution. Some schools also require a minimum cumulative GPA requirement and GRE test scores. Students will be required to submit a filled application form along with letters of recommendation and previous education transcripts.

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