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Project Management Training
A project is defined as a temporary activity that is carried out to achieve a set number of goals and objectives. Its limits are set by budget, time or objectives. Project management involves planning, choosing the project team, allocating budget, resources and responsibilities, imposing checks and balances, and meeting the set objectives. 

Project management training is important because it ensures that effective use of time and resources is made while obtaining the required results. Project management training can take place over a number of channels. Informally, books, meetings and social media might be helpful to learn about project management. However, several project management courses are available that impart formal training to project managers. These include certification courses for professionals and courses taught at universities. Both categories may be available online too. 

Project Management University Courses
Project management forms an integral part of many university degree disciplines such as the business administration degrees. Besides that, project management courses may be offered as part of a project management degree which is a comprehensive guide into managing and directing projects. 

Project Management Professional Course
Many mid career professionals may feel the need to obtain some training in project management because of the demands of their employers and their job responsibilities. They can thus take up a project management professional course. Such courses are usually part time and of a short duration. They are excellent towards developing key skills needed for project management and most can be counted towards credits in a further degree the professional may choose to take up. 
Most professional project management courses also offer training to sit for a project management professional exam, after passing which the professional receives the status of a certified project manager. 

Project Management Certification
Project management courses often lead to certification after sitting through an exam or demonstrating project management expertise in a real life situation. Some certification bodies for project management include:

  • American Academy of Project Management (AAPM)
  • The International Association of Project And Program Management
  • International Project Management Association (IPMA)
  • International Project Management Commission (IPMC)
  • Stanford University Advanced Project Management (SAPM)

Online Project Management Courses
Interested candidates can also opt for online project management courses. Online project management courses are especially beneficial for professionals who are already employed and involved in some projects. These courses are usually flexible in terms of timings and they can be easily accessed from any place with an internet connection. 

Topics Covered in Project Management Courses
Project management courses center around the basic principles of project management and a thorough knowledge of the steps involved in a project – from inception to completion and wrap up. Some courses will be amalgamate of all aspects of a project and are more thorough. Others concentrate on one or two procedural steps and train a person in those. Common topics covered in a project management course are:

    • Planning (Stakeholder Identification, Scope, Objectives and work breakdown structure etc.)
    • Risk Estimation and Management
    • Budgeting
    • Building a Team and Leading it
    • Project Execution
    • Legislation, Standards and Regulations
    • Quality Assurance
    • Procurement
    • Professional Responsibility and Leadership skill

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is taught in the critical chain online project management courses?

A:CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management courses stresses on the study of such projects that put comprehensive focus on the resources of the company (physical as well as human) so that the project tasks can be executed. It requires the tricky phase of engineering professionals from different departments into one similar goal. Hence, it is known as the Critical Chain Project Management.

Q:Can you tell me about a project management online course?

A:Project management is basically a principle that covers planning, organizing, controlling, and motivating resources towards a goal. Individuals enrolled in a project management course will learn about how business projects are managed. These courses can be studied online without the hassle of getting text books are travelling regularly to campus based classes.

Q:Do I have to get books if I enroll in an online project management course?

A:No, you do not have to get text books if you enroll in an online project management course. The program can be covered online which requires a computer and an internet connection. Students can cut down on book expenses and easily study from the comfort of their homes. Before enrolling in any project management course, make sure you check the accreditation status of the online institute.

Q:What can I expect to study in the fundamentals of project management course online?

A:In the fundamentals of project management course online, you will learn about the foundations of project management, project management history, project management cycle and its various phases. This course is theoretical in nature and enables students to learn about the basics of what project management is all about, and which basic steps and actions are involved in a project from the start and till the completion.

Q:Can you tell me the benefits of project management online courses?

A:Project management online courses have a number of benefits. The most prominent benefits include the convenience and flexibility it offers to the students. You can learn at your own pace and at the time which suits you best. In addition, you have various learning resources such as slides, video lectures, practice exercises, discussion threads, and case studies which enhance the learning and retention of the course material. With online courses, you also save on travelling and other costs associated with on campus education.

Q:I came across the topic of project life cycle in the project management courses online. What is it about?

A:Project life cycle is among the fundamental topics covered in project management courses online. This topic explores the different phases a project goes through in its lifetime. It covers the activities and planning involved in the initial phases, the actions and work done during the project, and also focuses on the completion of project and its effectiveness.

Q:Are the best courses for project management offered online as well?

A:Online education is gaining popularity fast. Many schools have added online programs to their current program offerings. Due to employment and other factors, many individuals are unable to enroll in a college. To help such individual pursue higher education without compromising on their job, schools have started offering online degrees. You can seek online learning n a variety of academic principles such as project management.

Q:How is the online project management training more cost-friendly as compared to campus based degrees?

A:Project management programs are available online. This mode of learning is very cost-friendly as compared to campus-based programs. You do not have to worry about extra expenditures related to textbooks or travelling. You can study online, from the comfort of your home, without having to go anywhere. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:Are online project management courses in usa accredited?

A:Not necessarily are all project management courses accredited. You will have to individually check with each school to find out if it is accredited or not. Some institutes may be accredited by the Higher Education Commission but will not be offering accredited programs. Accreditation of the program as well as the institute is important to check before enrollment.

Q:What are the advantages of project manager online courses?

A:Online programs in project management can be beneficial in a number of ways. You can study from the comfort of your home without having to go anywhere for classes. If you are working and do not wish to quit your job to pursue higher education, opting for an online course can be a suitable choice. Online programs give you the flexibility to create your own schedule and study according to your convenience.

Q:Why Should I do Project Management Courses Online?

A:Online project management courses can be the ideal option for you to gain further knowledge of the business administration field. It can also be for professionals who are looking for a career change and need further education before making the switch. If you fit the criteria for any of the above conditions or simply want to increase your knowledge without the hassle of commuting to classes everyday then online project management courses are for you.

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