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Students who are good with numbers can apply in accounting programs and if selected, work towards earning a degree that can potentially improve their career prospects in this field. A number of regular colleges as well as online schools offer a wide variety of accounting programs. There is a lot of demand for accounting professionals within various fields. This is why completing accounting programs can possibly assist students in entering into challenging careers.
Where do accountants work?

Types of Accounting Programs
There are a variety of accounting programs that students can choose to pursue. The choice of an accounting program depends on the individual educational and professionals goals of the students. Some of the degree options in accounting are:

  • Associate's degree programs in accounting 
  • Bachelor’s degree programs in accounting
  • Master's degree programs in accounting

Associate's Degree Programs in Accounting
Students who want to work as assistant accounts or tax preparers can improve their chances of doing so by enrolling in associate’s degree programs in accounting. The basics of accounting are taught in this program. Students also learn about new regulations, income tax laws and other accounting related subjects.

Bachelor's Degree Programs in Accounting
Bachelor’s degree programs in accounting may span over four years, though depending on the format of the program, the students can also finish them in less or more time. They have been designed to expose the students to concepts and skills that are required for working on jobs within the accounting field. Students are taught about auditing procedure as well as evaluating financial data. They are also helped in developing an understanding of the applications of accounting principles to business processes. Some of the subjects covered in this program are:

  • Principles and processes of tax law
  • Budget planning
  • Government regulation

Master’s Degree Programs in Accounting
This is one of the more advanced accounting programs that allow students to become better equipped to compete for jobs within the field of accounting. A Master’s degree program in accounting provides students with an in-depth understanding of various accounting concepts. Students can choose to specialize in particular area related to accounting.

Where do accountants work?

Once students complete an accounting program, they can improve their prospects of applying for jobs within different fields. They can also choose to apply for roles as those of:


  • Public sector accountants 
  • Corporate accountants 
  • Tax accountants 
  • Consultants 
  • Public accountants 

Completing a program in accounting enables students to enhance their academic credentials for being considered for relevant jobs. O*NET reports that accountants earn a median annual wage of $63,550 as of 2012. The precise salary of an accountant depends on a number of factors such as the degree level, expertise, experience as well as the place where one ends up working.

Online Accounting Programs
There are a number of online institutes that offer online trainings in accounting. Students who cannot manage to enroll in regular accounting trainings can go for an online accounting program. Distance learning has become as useful as the onsite education with the help of various learning technologies. Students are provided with interactive tools which enable them to acquire knowledge in a virtual environment. The objective of the online accounting programs is to enable more and more students to gain higher education in this area of specialization. This is the reason why this mode of learning offers immense flexibility. Students can complete their studies from the comfort of their place. Also, they are not time-bound as they are in case of regular schools.



Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the CPA online accounting program?

A:CPA are the initials for Certified Public Accountants in the United States. This course is offered in the online accounting program variant which offers much needed flexibility. The main area of study in CPA programs is Taxes and Revenue Evaluations.

Q:Can we send applications and past degrees via email, for the online accounting programs?

A:To apply for the online accounting programs you may send your past credentials and degrees via email by scanning them, however, once selected, you may be required to bring the original copy at the time of interview.

Q:Which courses are taught in Accounting Programs Online?

A:The curriculum of online Accounting degrees differ from school to school, however, the core courses taught in all accounting degrees comprise of principle of accounting, auditing, accounting software, business finance and taxation. Students enrolled in advanced level degrees, can easily opt for specialization courses as well.

Q:Which are the few commonly offered Business Accounting programs online?

A:The commonly offered Business Accounting programs include the Associate in Business Management and Accounting offered at Stevens-Henager College Online, the Bachelor of Science in Business with a Minor in Accounting offered at Western International University and the Master of Business Administration - Accounting that can be pursued at Liberty University Online.

Q:Is there any difference in the accounting programs and finance programs or are they interchangeable?

A:Accounting programs can be interchanged with finance in most denominations, however, for understanding, the accounting programs are more specific to financial accounting and bookkeeping, while finance includes financial analysis and financial management.

Q:What are the dual accounting programs?

A:The dual accounting programs are those accounting degrees that combine a degree program with a professional certification, such as CPA, CFA, CISA, CIMA and ACCA.

Q:Name top accounting schools in California that offer various accounting programs to students?

A:The state of California has numerous large cities that have well developed education systems. There are a number of renowned schools that offer degree programs in all study areas such as business, law, medicine, engineering, cooking, computer science, and many more. top accounting schools in California that offer accounting programs include: California College San Diego, California Lutheran University, Devry University, and Argosy University.

Q:What is the duration of basic bookkeeping programs?

A:Bookkeeping programs can be opted in a number of degrees. These include certificate, associate, bachelor, and master degrees. However, certificate in bookkeeping and the associate's degree in bookkeeping are the basic degrees which qualify students to work as professional bookkeepers. The certificate degree takes about one year and less whereas the associate's degree can be completed within two years.

Q:What are subjects covered in accounting programs?

A:Accounting programs are related to finance and aim to train an individual to handle the monetary processes of an organization or company. To be in this line you need to be very vigilant and responsible as carelessness can result in huge loss for the company. Accounting programs generally cover risk management, budget management, market evaluation, tax laws and statistics.

Q:What can you tell me about CPA programs and a career as a certified public accountant?

A:Certified public accountants are professionals who have cleared the national examination and are licensed to provide accounting services. CPA's are hired by many organizations to audit and analyze financial data. These professionals are skilled in making reports, reporting, bookkeeping, and financial planning. The career prospects are lucrative for CPA licensed professionals.

Q:I'm researching on online cpa programs and would like to know what comes in the CPA exam?

A:The CPA exam consists of four sections that are financial accounting and reporting, auditing and attestation, business environments and concepts and regulation. The online courses help cover these sections by teaching the topics on payroll and managerial accounting, federal taxation, equities, fiscal resources, federal tax law, business law and ethics.

Q:What do some of the top accounting programs offer you?

A:The top accounting programs offer several degree programs with a concentration in accounting, in addition to a rigorous accounting based curriculum. Some of these degrees are an associate's degree in accounting, master's degree in accounting and bachelor's degree in accounting. Coursework of these degrees include courses like principles of accounting, auditing, taxation and U.S. tax law, corporate finance and budget planning.

Q:Where can accountants work?

A:Accounting and finance is an important function of almost every business organization. Tasks related to finances are typically managed by accountants. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, 25% of accountants were employed by accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation firms. Other work settings include banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing firms. (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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