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An Executive MBA (EMBA) program is designed for those professionals who wish to upgrade their educational qualifications.  The degree is aimed at executives and managers who wish to enroll in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program but are not able to take time off from their careers to do so. An online executive MBA can generally be completed in 24 months. Executive MBA students are taught the latest methods, theories and practices in the areas of business management, marketing, decision making, finance and accounting.

Types of Executive MBA programs

Participants of any executive MBA online program usually have around 10 years of work experience and come from a variety of backgrounds, representing a diverse range of industries. Prospective students have the option of either enrolling in an online executive MBA or its campus-based counterpart.

The courses that make up an executive MBA program’s curriculum are the same as those in an MBA program but in a more condensed form. Classes taught include management, statistics, finance and managerial marketing. Students develop leadership and ethical business decision making skills. Negotiation skills are also honed.

Most executive MBA participants are sponsored by the companies they work for as their employers realize the importance of investing in an employee’s future productivity. Some participants may not be sponsored by their employers however. Such students can consider applying for loans, scholarships and other forms of financial aid in order to fund their education.

Traditional versus online Executive MBA

Executive MBA classes generally take place in the evenings and weekends to accommodate the working professionals. In an online Executive MBA program, most, if not all, classes are taught online. Learning takes places through the use of digital media. Email, video conferencing, chat rooms and online bulletin boards are used for interaction between students and teachers.

A campus-based executive MBA program provides the benefit of networking among the participants. Learning is further enriched as participants come from a variety of business backgrounds and therefore bring their own experiences into the mix. In an online executive MBA program, these learning and networking opportunities may be limited.

Advantages of an Executive MBA

The main advantage of an executive MBA degree is that students can acquire the latest business management knowledge and skills and apply them in their daily professional dealing. The networking opportunities can result in lifelong relationships.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the Executive MBA degree program?

A:The Executive MBA degree programs are usually of 2 years. However, the exact duration may vary from school to school.

Q:What is the Statistical Modeling course of the online Executive MBA program?

A:The Statistical Modeling course of the online Executive MBA program trains students on the formalization of relations between the variables. This formalization is done in the form of mathematical equations. Other concepts of statistical studies such as regression, correlation, hypothesis testing, skewness graphs and probabilities are important contents of Statistical Modeling.

Q:What is the Data Analysis course in the online Executive MBA degree program?

A:The online Executive MBA degree program has the Data Analysis course. This course relates to the complete process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming as well as modeling of the data. This data is then used for the decision making and forecasting purposes. Since we live in a volatile society, with unpredictable economic fluctuations, data analysis has become vital to businesses.

Q:What are the five key modules of the Executive MBA program?

A:The five key modules of the Executive MBA program degrees in most of the universities in United States include Enterprise Management, Advanced Functional Core, Technology Management, Strategic Leadership and Global Management.

Q:What is the prerequisite to Executive MBA programs?

A:The students having the Bachelor's degree in any field and prior working experience of at least 10 years can apply for admission into Executive MBA programs. Some universities also have a much stringent GPA criteria.

Q:What distinguishes the top Executive MBA programs from a mere MBA degree program?

A:On an overall, the top Executive MBA programs have similar course structure and study material as the MBA degree program. However, the EMBA degree consists of more extensive practical study, due to the more experienced students. It should also be noted that the EMBA degree program has more stringent deadlines and the program is taught on a fast track basis.

Q:What is taught in the Corporate Finance course of the MBA Executive program?

A:The Corporate Finance course of MBA Executive program deals with teaching the students about the monetary decision makings in a business environment, and guiding them on how to maximize the shareholder's profit. Corporate Finance also has extensive levels of case studies and projects on real statements of finances such as cash flow statements and statements of equities and shares.

Q:Can the courses be transferred from a non degree program to the MBA Executive programs?

A:No. It is highly unlikely to be able to transfer the credits from the non degree programs such as certifications and professional diplomas to the degree structured MBA Executive programs in the United States.

Q:How can students contact when it is not time for class in the Executive online MBA programs?

A:If enrolled in an Executive Online MBA program, you can interact with the university in many ways, even when it is not time for the online class. This includes, email, conference calling, 24-7 live help desk and even face to face meetings, if provided.

Q:Is there any Executive MBA program online?

A:Yes. Keeping in mind the need to do MBA as per convenience with a very hectic time management due to other commitments, many renowned universities listed on our website offer Executive MBA program online.

Q:Do the Executive MBA programs offer the online training law enforcement courses?

A:Online law enforcement trainings can be incorporated in the MBA executive programs. These are most commonly offered in the MBA in Homeland Security and the MBA in Criminal Justice. Students can pursue these programs and the online training for law enforcement courses offered in these degrees in the online, executive or accelerated programs as they see fit.

Q:What are the top Executive MBA program specializations?

A:The best and some of the most comprehensive Executive MBA program specializations include Strategy management, Operations management, Human Resource management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Organizational Behavior, Project management, and Real Estate. Many more specializations are also offered. The above mentioned are only the few popular ones.

Q:Can the executive MBA programs online be studied as a continuing education program?

A:Yes. You can study the Executive MBA programs online as continuing degree course, since it is designed for those individuals who are coming back to education after a gap of over 10 years. Most of the students in the Executive MBA degree program are well in their mid-life.

Q:Are there any scholarships and grants available at universities offering the best Executive MBA program?

A:Almost all of the top universities and schools offer scholarships and grants to eligible students. However, to maximize your chances of approval it is advised that you apply well before deadline.

Q:I wish to study the Executive MBA program online, however, I wish to get accommodation in the university's hostel. Is it possible?

A:Yes, you can apply for hostel accommodation even with an online Executive MBA Program. The advantage of online degree program is that you can also move from the city where the university is based and live at a place that is reasonably priced and in your budget. Institutes offering campus based accommodation to online students include Ohio University, Boston University, and University of Pittsburgh.

Q:Why is there a need of 10 years experience to be eligible for the best Executive MBA?

A:To be eligible for the best Executive MBA degree programs in the United States, you require to have a work experience of 6 to 10 years. This is essential because the Executive degree programs do not go into basic detail and focus more on building advanced skills and knowledge, which can only be grasped with ample work experience in relevant field.

Q:What is the curriculum of a global executive MBA ?

A:The curriculum of a Global Executive MBA is structured to teach business professionals the latest in management while polishing their already acquired skills. The curriculum will entail a number of management-related subjects and theory courses. It is important to remember that the curriculum may vary a little from school to school.

Q:I want to know if I can pause my Executive MBA courses, in case I pass through financial hardships?

A:Even though it is not appreciated, many universities offer the facility to pause the Executive MBA courses in case of any financial hardships. Having said this, bear in mind that individuals studying the EMBA degree program are employed and have ample experience, so the universities usually do not expect any course freezing. You may wish to opt for a financial aid rather than freezing.

Q:What is the advantage of earning online Executive MBA online degree?

A:Online Executive MBA degree helps you keep a balance in your personal and professional lives. You can study from home or anywhere else, at the time of your own liking. The degree may also be relatively cheaper as compared to campus-based Executive MBA.

Q:How long is the application process of the short online executive MBA programs?

A:The application procedure of Executive MBA programs in the United States is of around 2 months. It may be longer in case of any submission of FAFSA status form, for the financial aid. Therefore, you need to keep a margin of around 3 months whenever applying. Also bear in mind that since very few students apply for the Executive MBA degree programs, the seats are scarce and are occupied quite expediently.

Q:Should I opt for the top EMBA programs or a professional certification?

A:This totally depends on you. If you ask us, the top EMBA programs do have an upper hand. This is because a masters degree qualification is a proper degree and is accepted all around the world. A certification on the other hand, is not to be considered a masters degree and has no mark sheets or CGPA, hence their recognition and acceptance is still somewhat limited. Upon completion of the EMBA degree program, you can opt for a certification.

Q:Which accrediting agency can be regarded as a premier body for the MBA programs online?

A:The MBA programs online that are accredited by a premium accrediting agency such as the AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), have more recognition, prestige and hence, better job prospects.

Q:I have been a student of the on-campus MBA degree at Kaplan University. Is it possible for me to shift to the MBA program online?

A:If you are a student of the campus based MBA degree program at Kaplan International University and are looking forward to shifting to the MBA program online at the same university, you should consult with their dedicated state of the art student counseling. You may get waivers and exemptions, since Kaplan's educational system is quite similar in both, online and campus based variants.

Q:Does being away from studies for a long time damage my eligibility for an MBA degree online program in the United States?

A:No. Most of the universities offering the MBA degree online program have no issues with that, since they look for a seasoned student. In fact many universities prefer that you spend ample time prior to applying for a masters level degree, so that you have more to offer. By the end, it is the GMAT score that makes the real difference.

Q:What should be the determinative factors while deciding searching for the top MBA program for me?

A:Accreditation is the most significant thing to keep in mind when deciding. Whenever looking for the best MBA programs for yourself, consider extra services and counseling offered by a university. Research and extracurricular activities can also matter significantly.

Q:Can you please tell me what is the difference between GMAT and GRE? And which one should I opt for when applying for the MBA courses?

A:GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test and this test focuses on the English skills and knowledge of Mathematics. On the other hand, the GRE is Graduate Record Examinations and is used as a substitute for GMAT. In the United States, GMAT is widely accepted and should be your top priority when applying for the MBA courses.

Q:Is it possible to get a GMAT waiver when applying for the top online MBA programs?

A:The top online MBA programs do accept GMAT waivers in any of the events such as if the applicant already has an advance degree, a CGPA of 3.2 or even by completion of some specified MBA courses. This, however, depends on case to case basis, and also varies from one university to another.

Q:What are the common online executive MBA rankings based on?

A:The online Executive MBA rankings, like the ones given by the Princeton Review, are based on different levels. Research is an important part in gaining good ranking. A specialized alumni and academic staff that is actively involved in the corporate sector is also another factor. Accreditations and associations with other financial monitoring bodies also gives an online institute an edge over others.

Q:Can you please tell me how good Executive MBA programs are ranked by you and recommended to the potential students?

A:The good Executive MBA programs are thoroughly investigated by our qualified academic specialists and after rigorous investigation we recommend a qualification or an institute, considering the faculty, the research departments, the student distinctions of the university as well as the career prospects of the qualifications they offer.

Q:What is a typical work schedule for a top executive?

A:the typical work schedule for a top executive is very healthy and challenging at the same time. they work from 8am to 5pm usually with proper breaks and leverages.

Q:Why don't the best Executive MBA technology schools offer any opportunity of credit transfers?

A:The best Executive MBA Technology schools do not offer credit transfer facilities since they aim to teach all the students together, so that they all are on the same page. This can be quite mandatory when given a practical and on-site task such as case studies, etc.

Q:Is an Executive MBA degree the same as an MBA degree?

A:The Executive MBA degree is quite different from the MBA program as far as eligibility and program duration is concerned. It is designed for individuals with ample hands on experience.

Q:What is the duration of the Online MBA Programs?

A:Online MBA Programs are not subject to any time restrictions. Online MBA programs offer students the flexibility of attending classes from the ease of home at anytime they want. Students make their own schedules and study at their desired pace. Hence, there is no restriction on the completion time of the Online MBA Programs. Students can take as long as they want. Generally, applicants of the Online MBA Programs are working adults that cannot attend the traditional campus-based classes due to busy schedules.

Q:Is there any fixed criteria of qualification for the Executive MBA program?

A:Yes. To qualify for the Executive MBA programs, students need to have a bachelor’s level degree in any area of study from an accredited higher education institute. Another important qualification criterion is the minimum level of work experience which varies with every institute. However, professional work experience is always required a related field. Other requisites include the completion of admission forms, letters of recommendations, GRE/GMAT scores, and last but not least the clearance in the interview with the admission office interview panel which includes professors from your applied area of study as well.

Q:Is it possible to get enrolled in Executive MBA online courses?

A:Yes. There are various Executive MBA courses that are being offered through distance learning programs. These allow Executive MBA students to take classes at their pace. The commonly pursued online Executive MBA courses include marketing, accounting, finance, international studies, international business, human resource, business management, and project management.

Q:What are the main benefits of pursuing short courses in executive MBA programs?

A:All courses in executive MBA programs are particularly designed to cater the needs of working professionals. The short courses refresh and enhance the existing knowledge of these career oriented individuals and enable them to find better opportunities in new firms or promotion offers in their existing workplaces.

Q:What areas of specialization are offered in the best online executive MBA programs?

A:The fields students can specialize in are: marketing, finance, accounting, human resource management, supply chain management, and leadership.

Q:Is online MBA for busy executives only or is it suitable for other professionals as well?

A:The online MBA executive programs are specifically designed to cater to the needs of busy professionals who find it difficult to complete their degree while working. The schedule of executive MBA classes is designed to fit into the daily routines of busy working professionals. Hence, it is suitable for everyone who wishes to complete their education at their desired pace and location.

Q:Can fresh undergraduates opt for the executive MBA degrees?

A:No. The executive MBA degrees require at least 6 to 9 years of work experience. Fresh undergraduates may opt for the regular MBA degree programs.

Q:What is more beneficial when considering campus VS online executive MBA degrees?

A:When choosing between earning the MBA degree online or through a campus, students must weigh both its pros and cons. The basic advantages of earning online degrees is the low tuition cost, flexibility of time, no traveling required, working full time/part time is easier, assignments can be completed at suitable hours, students can study in the comfort of their homes, no distraction etc. however, attaining an MBA degree from a campus also has advantages, as it allows students to cooperate and socialize with fellow students, ask direct help from teachers, team work skills are developed, presentation skills develop etc.

Q:Do the universities in the top MBA rankings 2011 offer any credit transfers?

A:All of the universities that land in the top MBA Rankings, including the top of the line business schools listed on our website are relatively stringent when it comes to allowing any transfer of credits. Some exemptions may be made but usually these universities allow students to only start from scratch. It is also better to start from scratch since it can be quite a pressure to cope otherwise.

Q:Can you give me the names of top 10 EMBA online areas of specialization?

A:There are a bunch of online EMBA programs being offered at our website. Here are the names of some of the most popular areas of specialization for EMBA programs: Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Information Technology, Business Administration, Economics, Criminal Justice, Risk Management, Project Management, and International Business. EMBA can be opted with several other specialties as well. The above mentioned are the top few ones only.

Q:What are the prerequisites to get enrolled in the top online Executive MBA programs?

A:Our website offers some of the top online Executive MBA programs with various specialties. If you wish to get enrolled in the online Executive program, you need to completed your bachelor's degree in a business administration area of focus from an accredited institute. Some of the online institutes might require you to have some level of work experience. However, it is not mandatory for all online schools.

Q:How can I get enrolled in the online executive management degree programs?

A:Getting enrolled in the online Executive Management degree programs has been made easy and quick via our website. Prospective students need an undergraduate degree in a related field of specialization from an accredited institute and they can get enrolled in the Master's program in Management. There are no other stringent requirements for applicants.

Q:What is EMBA degree?

A:EMBA stands for Executive Master of Business Administration which is a professional undergraduate degree. EMBA is offered by various online as well as campus based schools. They can be opted in numerous specializations such as finance, human resource, accounting, economics, e-commerce, nursing and many more. EMBA is different from a regular MBA in the timings. EMBA classes are for working professionals therefore their classes are conducting in the evening, after office timings.

Q:Is Executive MBA a degree that offers course on Microeconomics?

A:As far as your question on is Executive MBA a degree with the course on Microeconomics is concerned. the answer is yes. This course is roughly of 4 credits in total and highlights on the introduction to the analysis of microeconomics and the policies made in the field. This course is worth 4 credits.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Microeconomics in the on line Executive MBA degree programs?

A:It is very common to get to read about the course on Microeconomics while going through the online Executive MBA degree programs in the United States. This course is worth 3 credits in total. It is structured to offer students with ample understanding of the functioning of the individual markets and also the effectiveness that resource allocation can have in all this.

Q:Can you tell me the coursework of accelerated MBA Orlando program?

A:There are a number of courses you will come across in accelerated MBA Orlando. Some of the core courses you will get to study include decision making and economic environment, business conditions analysis, leadership and management, management of information technology, marketing and customer relationship management, strategic cost management, financial analysis and decision making, strategic management and business simulation.

Q:Tell me about the best executive MBA programs online?

A:MBA's are one of the most valued degrees in today's world. It is ideal for professionals who have high ambitions about climbing the corporate ladder and creating a niche for themselves in the corporate world. Professionals with an executive MBA degree are generally loaded with the essential business knowledge, analytical skills for identifying and solving management problems and so on. Therefore no specific degree from this field can be deemed ideal, the only thing you can check while enrolling in an MBA program is to check its ranking. Without a proper ranking your MBA degree will hole no significance in the corporate world. So when it comes to deciding on which MBA degree is the best? The answer is simple- which ever has the strongest ranking.

Q:Which is the better option, best executive online MBA or the on-campus version?

A:It all depends on your preferences; if you are someone who already has a job and cannot give it up then an online MBA would be best for you. Online MBA classes usually take place in the evenings or weekends and the courses are conducted online with the help of digital media. On the other hand, an on-campus MBA program is good for students who can afford to attend regular on-campus classes. Traditional MBA programs are good for networking as well.

Q:What does EMBA stand for and which is the best online emba ?

A:EMBA stands for Executive MBA and an online EMBA is best for professionals who are already caught-up in their careers. Professionals who want to enhance their careers but don't have the time to do so, take online classes in their own time and space. An online MBA degree takes about 24 months to complete generally but since it is being pursued in the students own time and space, the duration may vary.

Q:Do I need a bachelor's degree to be considered for enrollment in best online executive MBA program?

A:Yes. In addition, schools may also ask for letters of recommendation, personal essays, work experience and standardized test scores. The exact admission requirements will vary from school to school.

Q:Does the eligibility for executive MBA require me to have a good GMAT score?

A:GMAT scores are required by most top business schools across the United States. There might be some schools that offer executive MBA programs without a GMAT requirement but all good schools require high test scores. In addition to this school might ask for letters of recommendations, personal essays and/or work experience.

Q:Should I get my eMBA degree from an accredited institution?

A:Yes, you should look to enroll in an institute that has an accreditation from a credible organization. The reason behind that is, accredited schools have better teaching facilities to offer to their students. In addition to this employers also prefer to hire individuals who have obtained degree from an accredited institution.

Q:What courses do the EMBA online top programs generally offer?

A:EMBA online top programs generally offer advanced study in such subjects that can propel the executives further in their field. The programs aim to give an in depth study of topics like leadership, communication and marketing skills, economics and business strategies. The courses vary according to institutes and must be checked beforehand.

Q:Is GMAT always required for admission in an executive MBA program online?

A:The requirements for an online executive MBA program will vary. Typically, admission process may consider a candidate's GMAT score, however other universities may not give much consideration to the exam especially if the applicant has an impressive academic record or sound professional experience.

Q:Can you tell me a bit about executive MBA online programs in relation to banking?

A:Online executive MBA programs in relation to banking and financial institutions can typically take two years to complete. The curriculum may focus on courses like finance, accounting, commercial banking, credit and statistical analysis, security markets, managerial economics and project management.

Q:Can you give me an overview of executive master of business administration degree?

A:An executive master of business administration degree equips individuals with necessary skills and knowledge that helps them to handle finances, managerial or administrative duties in a more efficient manner. The course work covers areas like marketing, economics, global economy, operational and managerial strategies, international business, communication and organizational behavior in detail.

Q:Do companies sponsor executive MBA degree in US?

A:There are many companies that provide financial assistance to candidates for an executive MBA degree in US. Sponsoring such a program is considered a valuable investment that pays off the company in the long run and is also a good way of retaining an employee. Such programs can help the companies have stronger managers that can put the knowledge gained from the program to practical experience and help the company grow.

Q:Can you tell me about executive MBA degree online in relation to energy finance?

A:An executive MBA degree online with relation to finance is a professional degree. It studies different areas of energy finance from administration and business management point of view. It will focus on energy products, their assessment and the global energy markets. Studying it online can help the individuals to gain experience and manage the program simultaneously.

Q:With executive MBA online ranking increasing as a viable program, there are many such programs making it difficult to make the right choice. Can you help me in this regard?

A:As executive MBA online ranking is soaring up, people are finding it a lucrative career choice that enables them to continue job and pursue professional goals. With so many programs out there, to make the correct choice can be confusing. It is best to consider the institute's ranking, structure, course, mode of learning and tuition investment and then compare them to ascertain which program suits you best.

Q:I have applied for my college to undertake my MBA, but have subsequently have noticed my program/college has a bad executive MBA ranking. What can I do?

A:Depending on where you saw the review of your MBA program, you should take any review/ ranking with a pinch of salt. There are several websites that are known to feed false information and reviews to be submitted. However, there are some very reputable ranking/ review websites online, you can also browse through our website for information on this.

Q:Where can I find executive MBA rankings online?

A:There are a number of online, reputable ranking/ review websites online. The more reputable sites require you to be a subscriber, to access the full set of information/ resources, for a nominal monthly fee. You should note that some websites claim to offer reviews and ranking but they lack any real information and the content is sometimes skewed to sell products and services.

Q:Can you give some information on executive MBA vs MBA?

A:MBA programs are regular graduate programs that can typically be completed in two years. On the other hand, executive MBA degree programs are designed to cater to the educational needs of working professionals. Applicants must have at least 5 years of work experience at an executive post to be eligible for the program.

Q:Would I require letters of recommendation for admission into the best executive MBA programs?

A:Most reputable schools that offer executive MBA programs want applicants to provide them with letters of recommendation. These letters of recommendation can be written by their employers and/or instructors. However if the applicants have been working for some time, it is better that their current employer writes the letter.

Q:What benefit do I get from online executive MBA programs rankings?

A:Ranking of MBA programs are important since they are given to programs which future employers find most valuable. That is why doing an MBA is not enough. Whenever you intend to enroll in an MBA degree program, make sure that it has the required ranking. Executive MBA programs are much in demand in the corporate world, it would give you an edge over others if your MBA comes with a proper ranking.

Q:Can I easily find emba rankings online anywhere?

A:E-MBA programs are becoming popular nowadays due to the growing integration of technology and online businesses. If you are considering enrollment in this program, you will need to first find an institute that offers this program. Many online websites are providing information about rankings for various institutes and MBA programs.

Q:Why is it important to go for the accredited online executive MBA programs?

A:It is always preferable that you go for the accredited online executive MBA programs, as their curriculum is approved by the relevant accrediting agencies. Accredited programs indicate quality education and standards, and employers also prefer graduates from accredited programs, since employers associate quality education to superior performance of the employees.

Q:Can you tell me about the different accounting and finance courses offered in online EMBA programs?

A:The courses offered in online EMBA programs can vary according to different institutes. However, the accounting and finance courses normally offered in online executive MBA include fundamentals of financial accounting, managerial accounting, macroeconomics, and corporate finance. The electives include advanced corporate finance, investment management, international finance, financial derivatives, and venture capital and finance of innovation.

Q:How can an online executive MBA program help me achieve career growth?

A:An online executive MBA program can benefit you in a number of ways. Since it's a flexible online program, it will allow you to focus well on learning the crucial business skills. Executive MBA is for professionals, takes into account their specific learning need and enhances their skills accordingly. With an executive MBA, you will be able to apply effective skills in your work and improve performance. Besides, the advanced degree will open gateways to job opportunities and promotion.

Q:Can you tell me about the management communications course offered in MBA degree programs online?

A:The management communications course offered in MBA degree programs online is one of the fundamental courses offered in business degrees. This course enables students to learn communication skills that are essential for them to excel in the field of business administration. It covers report writing, presentation and negotiation skills, dealing with clients, day to day communication, and correspondence.

Q:What do students learn from some of the top mba programs?

A:Some of the top master's in business administration (MBA) programs primarily focus on business administration and business management, in addition to providing several concentration tracks, such as MBA in accounting, MBA in finance and MBA in management. Top MBA programs emphasize on various related courses such as accounting, finance, microeconomics, management, corporate finance, banking, macroeconomics, human resource management and law.

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