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Forensic Nursing Programs

Nursing has been a draw for many people over the years. People who enjoy helping others, and attending to their needs get fulfillment out of such a career. Those who have a desire to help people and also have a love of the justice system may want to consider becoming a forensic nurse. A forensic nurse has all of the training that a regular nurse does, but they take it a step further. They tend to patients who have received injuries due to things like sexual assault, intimate partner violence, neglect, etc.

When someone has been injured as the result of some type of violent act, it is important that their wounds are tended to immediately. While any nurse can have the training to help take care of these wounds, a forensic nurse can gather important evidence in the process that may need to be used in court at a later date. They may also be called on to testify in court so that those who commit violent crimes can be brought to justice.

Forensic nurses practice in a variety of different settings. Some work in hospitals, medical examiners offices, psychiatric hospitals, community anti-violence programs, and coroner’s offices. The amount of money that a forensic nurse can make every year depends on where they end up practicing. Forensic nurses can start out at about $50,000 dollars a year, but they can make much more over the course of their careers. Not only are these individuals well paid, but they get to have a job that can really make a difference in their community.

Every year, there are thousands of individuals who are injured intentionally by others. The victims in these cases need to be medically treated, and the perpetrators need to be prosecuted. Forensic nurses can assist with both of these tasks. They have the medical knowledge and skills to be able to patch the victims up, but they also have the legal knowledge to be able to gather important evidence. Forensic nurses play an incredibly important role in the medical and legal world.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I wish to go for the online forensic nursing programs. Can you tell me about the benefits?

A:If you are going for forensic nursing programs online, you can have a number of benefits that are not offered by the on campus certification programs. Online programs are much more flexible and convenient, as you can study at your own pace and at the time that suits you best. With the online programs you can also make use of various technological resources that aid in learning, and you also save on the traveling and textbook costs.

Q:I was wondering how to become a forensic nurse. Can you tell me the educational requirements?

A:If you are wondering how to become a forensic nurse, you should know that for forensic nursing you need to obtain a masters degree in nursing with the concentration on forensic nursing. If you earn a certificate in forensic nursing, it can also help you to become a forensic nurse. Graduate programs can be completed within one to two years while a certificate program may take as long as one year.

Q:Why is it important that I look for the accredited forensic nursing schools?

A:It is always preferable that you look for the accredited forensic nursing schools. Accreditation of a school indicates that it meets the quality standards set by the relevant accreditation agencies. The employers also prefer graduates of accredited schools, so the career outlook is better for graduates coming from the accredited schools.

Q:What is forensic nursing about?

A:Forensic nursing is specialty field in healthcare that focuses on providing treatment to victims of crime. There are many certified forensic nurses in the healthcare industry. These professionals work alongside physicians and doctors, and help patients suffering from trauma. Forensic nurses typically have an in-depth knowledge of healthcare as well as law.

Q:Can forensic nurse travel?

A:Forensic nurses basically provide healthcare services to victims of abuse and assist with legal cases. Their expertise mainly covers medical-related factors in certain legal cases. Not necessarily do these nurses have to travel, and are often found working in clinics, legal firms, and hospitals. However, in some cases, due to trial proceedings, forensic nurses may be required to travel.

Q:How is forensic nursing different from other nursing fields?

A:The role of forensic nurses is to take care of trauma victims. Forensic nurses perform a check up on these patients and try to find out what has caused them the injuries. These nurses also work on cases of sexual assault and child abuse. After investigation, they need to provide their findings to the law enforcement agencies.

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