The Impact of Degree Levels

Degree levels can have a strong impact on your career, the amount of salary you can earn, and the unemployment statistics that you might have to face. Typically, the more you invest in your education, the greater would be its return. A bachelor’s degree is more expensive, in terms of both time and money. To compensate for this expense, the salary figures with this qualification are typically higher.

Furthermore, it is also easier to find employment with a 4-year degree, since it teaches you a wider variety of skills and opens up a greater number of opportunities for you in the job markets. For instance, an accounting and finance degree would have a large set of courses, including core courses, degree specific courses and electives. The subject areas would also be vast, such as marketing, human resources, brand management etc. Because a higher qualification gives you the opportunity to learn more, it ensures a larger number of jobs and lower unemployment, in most circumstances.  

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