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Healthcare Has A Lot of Potential

There are a number of occupations within the field of healthcare that are extremely rewarding and promising. A healthcare professional bears the responsibility to provide appropriate treatment to people in physical distress, be it a doctor or a nurse or a pharmacist. Healthcare professionals are relatively highly paid. Amongst the top ten healthcare occupations, following stand out the most:

  • Medical Assistant: A medical assistant plays a role of assisting physicians and medical treatments.

  • Pharmacy Technician: As the name suggests, a pharmacy technician is an individual responsible for managing, handling and dealing with medications and their doses.

  • Medical secretary: A role of a secretary is generally defined as managing, supervising, handling, and monitoring the entire paperwork and other activities carried out by the medical staff such as physicians, doctors and nurses.

  • Dental Assistant: Such individuals are highly paid as they assist and help dentists in their everyday dental treatment of patients. A dental assistant can be an individual who has received the education and is trained while working with a qualified professional dentist.

  • Physical therapist: A very popular healthcare professional who helps people with some physical movement difficulties and advises various physical exercises which is commonly known as therapy.

  • Pharmacists: These professionals control, manage and advise people at a pharmacy.

  • Occupational therapists: These therapists provide therapy integrated with advices related to different occupations.

  • Registered Nurse: A nurse with a bachelor’s degree needs to pass a National Council Licensure Examination to become registered as a nurse and get an RN license to get admission into a master’s degree. An RN is one of the highest paid nursing sub-categories amongst others as he/she possesses a license to practice nursing.

  • Home Health Aide: These professionals are responsible for visiting homes and provide necessary health care services.

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