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You might be opting for the wrong major, here is the rundown

Unemployment is one of the major macroeconomic issues of every country. There are many reasons behind unemployment but one of the major reasons is bad economic climate. Students who graduate with degrees that are either out of scope or too common can present a number of problems. Usually, there are a number of students graduating with the same degree and the jobs available are less, consequently, some are employed while others remain without jobs. Therefore, one must study a major subject and earn a degree that has a scope in the market and should also have enough demand in the industry. We have noted down some college majors whose demand is relatively less as compared to others. Therefore, in addition to their interest and passion, students are also recommended to perform a thorough research before settling down on a major. Some of the college majors whose demand is not that high are listed below:

Clinical Psychology- 19.5 %

Miscellaneous Fine Arts-16.2%
United States history15.1%
Library science-15%
Educational psychology-10.9%
Industrial and organizational psychology-10.4%
Miscellaneous psychology-10.3%
Linguistic and comparative literature-10.2%
Visual and performing arts-9.2%
Engineering and industrial management-9.2%
Social psychology-8.8%
International business-8.5%
General social sciences-8.6%
Commercial, Art and Graphic design-8.4%
Studio Art-8.2%
Per-law and legal studies-8%
Materials engineering-7.8%
Liberal arts-7.6%
Film video and photography arts-7.4%
Philosophy and religious studies7.2%
Biochemical sciences-7.1%
Journalism and sociology-7%

All these college majors have their own unemployment ratios associated with them. It gives a clear idea as to what majors to opt for and which ones to avoid. This list has been devised to save both time and money and to make sure they end up making the right choice.


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