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Are Emt Professionals in High Demand

Be the first one on the scene with an EMT qualification!

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are usually the first health care professionals to reach patients with serious injuries, trauma’s or illnesses. EMT’s basically provide medical treatment on the spot and transport patients to the hospitals where they can be treated more appropriately by the doctors and physicians. There are three levels of EMT certifications which include: EMT-basic which is a course of 144 hours, EMT-Intermediate which is a course of 400 hours and EMT-Paramedic which is a course of 1,250 hours.

In the basic courses, the EMT’s are provided basic knowledge on how to treat a patient on the spot by delivering the right treatment. They teach technicians about oxygen therapy, performing CPR, dealing with blood loss, administering bandages, respiratory problems and common injuries, emergency childbirth, spinal immobilization and ambulance operations.

Under the intermediate EMT level, they are provided education and training regarding intravenous therapy initiation, automated defibrillation, administrating IV’s, EKG interpretation, endotracheal intubation, cardio version, external cardiac pacing and nebulized medication. Precisely, every complicated activity that is required at the spot scene is taught at intermediate level.

Lastly at the paramedic level, they are educated about expanded anatomy physiology, intravenous therapy, narcotic analgesic, medications, surgical airway, cardiac monitoring and external pacing, chest decompression and 12-lead EKG interpretation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the demand for EMT professionals will increase by 9% in 2008 and more by 2018. Moreover, most EMT’s are hired by private ambulance companies, city ambulances, fire brigade services, maritime industries, hospitals and police departments. Some of the EMT professionals also work in the oil and gas sector in remote locations. In a nutshell, the career as an EMT can be bright and promising. It also helps in learning, gaining experience and refurbishing knowledge. EMT’s are one of the well-paid professionals in the healthcare industry.

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