Careers in Wellness, Exercise, and Nutrition

As the generation of baby boomers grows old and concerns about obesity and related diseases increase, more people have started preferring preventive healthcare. This means that careers in wellness are expected to grow simultaneously. Careers in wellness may include a wide array of careers including healthcare jobs such as nursing and medicine. However, careers in wellness other than these traditional ones are now also gaining popularity. These include careers which mostly focus on preventive healthcare such as careers in nutrition and exercise, careers in health and wellness and careers in nutrition and wellness. Nutrition and exercise related careers are also becoming more popular in rehabilitative healthcare, especially in geriatric care. Many qualifications may lead up to these careers. While some careers require advanced degrees, some simply need certification. Careers such as those in research and teaching may demand degrees up to the master and doctorate level.

Careers in Nutrition and Exercise
Many colleges offer undergraduate degrees that may lead up to careers in nutrition and exercise. Students with a major in Health Behavior Science or Fitness Management may lead up to careers such as those of health counselors or work in teams for health promotion activities and stress management. Similarly, a major in Nutritional Sciences or Applied Nutrition may lead up to careers such as registered dieticians or as counselors who advise people about a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy eating habits in their lifestyle. Many people also go into integrative research in nutrition and exercise.

Careers in Health and Wellness
A degree in Health and Wellness Coaching or Applied Health Sciences can lead to various careers in health and wellness. These careers may include, but not only limited to, becoming corporate wellness program coaches, personal trainers and community college teachers. Many people also prefer in carving out a career in the administration and management of health facilities and programs.

Careers in Nutrition and Wellness
To make careers in nutrition and wellness, individuals may be interested to explore degrees in nutrition and other health sciences. Some careers such as wellness specialists and personal trainers may not require an educational background in nutrition and wellness. Rather, relevant training and certification may often suffice.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you give me some information about careers in Wellness, Exercise, and Nutrition?

A:The fitness and wellness industry is growing rapidly due to changing lifestyles of the population. Many families are switching to healthy lifestyles and are focusing on physical fitness. With a degree in wellness, exercise, and nutrition, you can prepare for many rewarding careers such as the following: fitness instructor, nutritionist, personal trainer, and more.

Q:Can I acquire a health and wellness career after completing an online program?

A:If you wish to enter health and wellness career, you may opt for online programs. Online programs can benefit students as they are relatively cost effective and much more convenient than the campus based programs. However, it is advisable that you look for accredited programs to get quality education and have better career prospects.

Q:Which degrees are eligible for pursuing Health and Wellness Jobs?

A:In order to pursue a job in health and wellness, a degree in health and wellness coaching, or applied health sciences may be obtained. Various careers in health and wellness include becoming personal trainers, corporate wellness program coaches, and community college teachers. Professionals in this field may also pursue a career in administration and management of health facilities.

Q:Why should I be choosing careers in wellness exercise and nutrition?

A:If you're someone who is passionate about health and fitness then this would be the right career for you. Nutritionists had an annual median pay of $55,240 in 2012 while the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 21%. Fitness trainers and instructors had an annual median pay of $31,720 in 2012 while the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 13%.

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