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Associates Degree in Nutrition Online

Programs in wellness, exercise, and nutrition help students learn about ways and methods that may help people lead a healthy life. Students in these programs get to know about medical nutrition, anatomy and herbology. A degree in wellness, exercise, and nutrition may be useful to find work opportunities in nursing homes, hospitals, treatment facilities or wellness centers. Graduates may become dietician assistants, health educators, health and wellness coordinators, nutritional specialists or massage therapists. Employment of many of these professions such as health educators and massage therapists are expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wellness, Exercise, and Nutrition Degrees
Wellness, exercise, and nutrition programs are offered at the associate, bachelor’s as well as master’s levels. Required courses may include basic first aid, human anatomy, sport psychology and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The associate in wellness, exercise, and nutrition may require 2 years for completion while students can earn the bachelor’s degree in 4 years. The master’s degrees generally require 1-3 years to complete. The duration of these programs depends on the enrollment status of the students. The undergraduate programs provide learners with the foundation in health, nutrition, movement and exercise studies. Those who want to find entry-level jobs in related fields may pursue the associate or bachelor’s degree while the ones who want to find senior positions may work towards the master’s programs.

These programs instruct learners about designing fitness training programs and developing wellness strategies. The curriculum may include topics such as anatomy, immune system and food, horology, medical nutrition and food and nutrition science. Students can also take courses in kinesiology and exercise and work site wellness among other disciplines. In addition to classroom-based learning, some programs may also require candidates to complete an internship.

Online Wellness, Exercises and Nutrition Degrees
Some online schools also offer programs in wellness, exercise and nutrition. Distance learning programs in this area of study generally involve accessing lectures and study materials on the internet. Students are also provided with textbooks and recorded video instruction online that allows them to study from any location. Professionals who are already working in wellness or related fields can improve their job prospects by pursuing the wellness, exercise and nutrition online. Candidates may study at timings that fit their individual routine and complete a degree at their own pace.

Admissions Requirements
A high school diploma or GED is sufficient to pursue a degree in wellness, exercise and nutrition. Candidates may also have to appear for interview and provide statement of intent. Other admissions’ factors may vary by school.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of wellness, exercise, and nutrition degrees may work in medical settings or set up their own practice. They may also find opportunities in clinics, spas, personal care services, offices of chiropractors and related settings. Compensation is subject to type of job and location among other factors.  According to the BLS, the median annual wage of massage therapist in 2012 was $35,970 while health educators made $48,790.

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