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Doctoral in Health Services

Introduction to health services
The field of health services deals with the management, supervision, planning, coordination and delivery of healthcare. It also includes the integration of modern technology with healthcare delivery systems and ensuring compliance with complex regulatory requirements and restructuring the healthcare system to provide an increased focus on improving efficiency and the quality of care. Health services professionals manage many day-to-day operations at healthcare facilities including record keeping, general administration, personnel and resource management, finances and public relations. Health services is one of the few fields that deals with virtually every aspect of healthcare but involves little to no patient contact.

How can I get a PhD in health services?
Admission requirements for a doctoral degree of health services are usually at least a bachelor's degree in a related field and taking a standard entry exam. The doctoral program has a core curriculum including subjects such as community health, bio-statistics, public health education and awareness, environmental health and public policy development. Once students complete these courses, they go on to conduct field research in a topic of their choice. The thesis, or research findings are then presented to faculty members and prominent researchers across the country for approval. Students then defend their dissertation, the successful outcome of which determines whether they are awarded the degree or not.

What are the future prospects like?
The healthcare industry is focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of care while controlling costs, in addition to educating the public about preventive health methods. As such, demand for highly qualified professionals in the field of health services is expected to increase at medical colleges, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, community care centers, federal healthcare organizations and international aid agencies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts median annual earnings for professions requiring PhD degree, such as pharmacists, at $120,950 as of May 2014.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I take the doctoral in health services program online?

A:Sure. The Doctoral In Health Services program can easily be pursued online from the list of online schools on our website. Interested candidates can choose the institute that suits them the best and get enrolled in the program right away. The online degree will allow you to work professionally alongside completing your doctoral degree.

Q:As I was searching for health services phd in France, I found out that I can apply for federal aid in the US. How?

A:Yes, you can apply for student federal aid in the US. However, you may need to first determine if you are eligible or not. You can visit the official federal aid website and fill out a form online which is absolutely free. You must have a US citizenship and a need for monetary assistance to qualify for federal loans, grants, scholarship, or work study programs.

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