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Certificate in Health Services

One of the fastest growing industries in the United States is healthcare. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects massive growth in this sector through 2018 mainly due to the increasing number of the elderly population in the country. Over the last decade, scientific research in medicine and the implementation of information technology in healthcare has drastically changed the healthcare services system in the country. In order to ensure a high standard of patient care and efficiency in the modern healthcare environment, professionals in this field must take regular training and complete certificate courses. Certificate in Health Services allows professionals to increase their professional competency skills, broaden their knowledge base and become familiar with the latest technological innovations in healthcare and medicine. Together, these factors empower health services professionals to implement the changes that can greatly improve the quality of patient care. An increasing number of employers now require healthcare professionals to take certificate classes.

Featured Programs

Health Services Certificate Programs are offered by several professional associations and a number of colleges as well. These courses vary in length, lasting from a few days to several weeks, and can also be completed online. Before enrolling in a Certificate of Health Services program, it is important to check that it has been accredited by a state or local accrediting body. This ensures that the time and effort put in goes towards meeting Certificate in Health Services requirements. In order to register, students can fill out a simple form online or send it by mail. A large number of courses are offered under Certificate in Health Services programs including courses in Health Services Administration, Health Law, Financial Management, Management in Healthcare and Public Health.
Health Services professionals deal with hundreds of diseases and patients of all ages at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities around the country every day. Health Services Certificate Programs are an excellent way to keep in touch with the latest advances in modern medicine and to improve the skills and knowledge required to successfully function in the challenging healthcare industry.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Certificate in Health Services?

Multiple institutes like Rutgers University, California Southern University, Texas Woman’s University, and Mercy College, are offering a Certificate in Health Services/Healthcare Services Management. These certificate programs can be completed within a year and are ideal for both fresh graduates and experienced healthcare providers. After completing the programs, individuals are able to formulate effective plans to enhance health care service delivery.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Certificate in Health Services?

The Certificate in Health Services requires students to complete around 18 units. Program participants have to study a range of topics such as Psychology of Chronic Illness, Psychology of the Mind, Stress Related Disorders, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Informatics, Strategic Planning for Healthcare Organizations, Data Analytics and Decision Making, Counseling Theories and Strategies, and Healthcare Economics. The certificate prepares students to work in a variety of healthcare settings such as clinics, hospitals, and rehab facilities.

How Much Can I Earn with a Certificate in Health Services?

With a Certificate in Health Services, you can work as Home Health Aides or Personal Care Aides. Employment figures published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that these professionals made $24,060 in annual median income and $11.57 in hourly median pay in 2018. As baby boomers are aging, the demand for health care professionals is continuously rising – it is predicted that the employment opportunities for these workers will grow by 36% from 2018 to 2028.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of certificate programs in health services?

A:Certificate Programs In Health Services are for one year. Students can complete the program in shorter duration as well if they choose to take the program online as online programs are self paced. Online students can take as much time as they see fit to complete the program. They also get to schedule their own classes and take their classes from anywhere in the world with a single internet connection.

Q:What are the advantages of pursuing certificate in health services online?

A:There are a number of benefits associated with pursuing a certification in health services online. Students with the help of online education have the opportunity to study at their own pace. The curriculum for these programs is quite extensive that discusses every topic in detail. Online educational programs are relatively inexpensive as well with students saving money on travel and accommodation.

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