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Post Grad Certificates in Health Informatics

Overview of the field
The Certificates of Health Informatics program is designed for individuals with some educational background in Health Informatics. It provides the knowledge required for the use of information technology in the management of healthcare services.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
A Post-Grad Certificate of Health Informatics is a one-year program with 30 credit points if these courses are taken one at a time. These credits can then be transferred to a Master’s degree program once finished.

Highlights of the coursework
Some of the main courses for the program include:
Collecting and analyzing data
Organizational and healthcare issues in healthcare
Advanced issues in healthcare informatics
Healthcare policy
The coursework focuses on the systematic application of information technology to healthcare providers in the public and the private sector. The students are trained to collect, analyze and manage data related to healthcare services.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
To get admission into the program you need a Bachelor’s degree in health sciences. This is mandatory with most of the universities both online and on-campus. 30 credit points have to be completed for graduation and there are no externships required for the completion of the program.

Career prospects and average salary
With a Certificates of Health Informatics you can work as:
Information professionals
Healthcare support personnel
Clinical personnel
The program is designed to help you work in the healthcare sector with regard to information technology which means most of the available positions are in the administrative section.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long does it take to complete the Health Informatics Post Grad Certificate?

A:The Post Grad Health Informatics Certificate is a one year program offered by a bunch of accredited online as well as campus-based institutes. An Online Health Informatics Post Grad Certificate can take longer or lesser time to complete the program since online degrees are totally dependent upon the students' pace.

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