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Online Bachelor in Health Informatics

Students who wish to pursue thriving careers in the healthcare industry can benefit from bachelor of health informatics degree programs. These programs provide the technical knowledge and skill required to develop and maintain systems for record-keeping. Health informatics plays a very important role in the medical sector. Health informatics professionals ensure that medical centers function properly by providing important information pertaining to patients. Earning a bachelor of health informatics degree enables students to find a variety of rewarding jobs within the healthcare sector.

The Scope of Bachelor of Health Informatics Degree Program

wide range of courses are included in the bachelor of health informatics degree program. Some of them are:

  • Computer science
  • Statistics
  • Database management
  • Public health
  • Clinical informatics
  • Bioinformatics

Career Outlook

The employment prospects for health informatics degree holders are very bright. This is because of the recent developments made in this medical sector.
Health informatics professionals can thus find a number of relevant jobs. According to the information provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in May 2012, half of all individuals working in the field of health informatics, such as health information and medical records technicians, earn more than $34,160 per year, with those in the top ten percent bracket having annual income levels of more than $56,200.

Bachelor of Health Informatics Online

A number of online institutes offer bachelor of health informatics degrees. Enrolling in the online bachelor of health informatics degrees allows students to study from the comfort of their homes. They get the liberty to study at their own schedule. They can also complete a program at their own pace. The cost of the online bachelor of health informatics degree programs is also less than the fee of the regular degree programs in this area of specialization.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of Bachelor of Health Informatic degree programs?

A:The Bachelor of Health Informatics degree programs take about four years to complete if pursued in a regular campus-based institute. However, the program can be completed in more or less than four years' time span as well. Students can get enrolled in the online program and complete the Bachelor in Health Informatics degree program in as much time as they see fit.

Q:While I was reading on the Bachelor of Health Informatics requirements, there was mention of the course on Human Growth & Development. What is taught in this course?

A:The Bachelor of Health Informatics requirements do highlight on the course on Human Growth & Development. This is a 4 credits worth course that highlights on the continuation of the human development and growth. It covers the cognitive, psychological and physical development procedures as well as understand the various procedures and stages of human development.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Health Information Management in the Bachelor of Health Informatics?

A:The Bachelor of Health Informatics have dedicated course on Health Information Management. This course is of around 3 credits in total. It is structured to provide students with ample understanding of the clerks of the health records management. This course is also designed to provide understanding of the different career opportunities in this field.

Q:What is bachelors in health informatics about?

A:A bachelor in health informatics is study of recording health information so it entails technical knowledge of systems for storing information as well as knowledge of healthcare matters. The degree is a four year long program. You can expect to study computer science, database management, clinical processes, public health and medical terminology.

Q:Tell me about BS health informatics?

A:BS health informatics is a comprehensive degree that trains an individual how to effectively manage health data in a computerized manner. The degree therefore includes study of computer sciences as well as subjects related to health care operations. You may study data management, statistics, maintain records, medical terminology, and medical processes.

Q:What knowledge, skills, and abilities will I acquire after a BS degree in health informatics?

A:With the BS degree in health informatics you will be able to analyze current activities within healthcare, assess the opportunities and limitations of IT and its effect on improving efficiency and cost effectiveness, find out user requirements for healthcare information systems, construct models of information flows in healthcare systems, provide solutions that meet healthcare needs, and participate in research activities.

Q:Is bachelors in informatics difficult?

A:Bachelors in informatics is concerned with recording information in an accurate manner. It covers statistics, data analysis, computer science and related subjects. Those who have a background in mathematics or have an aptitude for such things would not find it very difficult. This degree generally takes four years to complete.

Q:What are the areas of study that will be covered by a BS Health Informatics?

A:Apart from the general education that will imparted to you, there will be courses on healthcare data, health information technology, the legal and ethical considerations that come into play in healthcare, fundamentals of information technology, medical terminology, pharmacology, pathology, healthcare compliance and coding, project management, databases as well as on how to make a professional practice portfolio.

Q:I am planning to go for an online bachelor's degree in Health Informatics. Can you give me tips to perform well in it?

A:If you are going for an online bachelor's degree in Health Informatics, it is good to keep in mind that your performance will depend a lot on self management and consistency. It is preferable that you prepare a study schedule and stick to it. You will also need to regularly attend lectures, revise notes, ask questions, take part in discussions, and keep distractions away while studying.

Q:Can a degree holder in informatics do a degree in health informatics?

A:Yes, it is possible for you to opt for a health informatics degree, as it is related to a degree in informatics. Make sure that you look for an accredited program, so that you can acquire quality education and have better career prospects. You can also get useful information by contacting the admission office of your preferred institute.

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