Tylenol Scholarships

The US government and many private businesses have set up a number of educational scholarships to enable students to pursue higher education. These scholarships offer full or partial tuition coverage and give students a chance to turn their aspirations into reality by obtaining a college education.

What is the Tylenol Scholarship?
Various types of student loans and educational grants are available to students. One of the well known scholarship programs available to students is the ‘Tylenol Scholarship Program’. Sponsored by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the makers of Tylenol, this program is specifically aimed at students enrolled in healthcare programs. Scholarships are awarded to students at various levels of higher education. The main distinguishing feature of the Tylenol Scholarship program is that these scholarships are available to applicants from around the world. Forty scholarships of varying amounts are reserved for students in the United States and Canada.

Who can apply for Tylenol Scholarships?
The Tylenol scholarship program was started in 1982 in order to help aspiring healthcare professionals realize their dreams. Over the years, the program has contributed significantly to developing the US healthcare industry, and has helped thousands of students complete their medical education and training, and become successful surgeons, physicians and practitioners. In recent years, the Tylenol scholarships program has opened up for students enrolled in other healthcare degrees including nursing, pharmacology, laboratory sciences, microbiology, physiotherapy, healthcare management and hospital administration. Students enrolled in Master’s level healthcare programs including the Master’s in Public Health degree (MPH) can also apply for Tylenol Scholarships.

What is the amount awarded under Tylenol scholarships?
Today, scholarships worth more than $250,000 are awarded to students enrolled in healthcare programs around the world and in the United States. Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply for Tylenol scholarships. Students who are already studying at college and have at least one full year of studies remaining can also apply. Tylenol scholarships are only available to students enrolled in a healthcare related program. Students who are pursuing a degree that is related to healthcare can also apply. The top award is ten scholarships worth $10,000 each, followed by thirty scholarships worth $5,000 each. An additional 150 scholarships worth $1,000 are reserved for students who participate in community service activities. 

How do I apply?
In order to apply for the Tylenol Scholarships, students can download an application form available at the Tylenol website. Educational transcripts, merit certificates and any certificates awarded for extra-curricular activities or community service must be attached with the application form and sent to the given address. The scholarship awards are normally announced within a month or so after their closing, and are a great way for students to finance their education in medical and healthcare related fields.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which residents are eligible for the Tylenol Scholarship 2011 Application form?

A:Please be noted that only the residents of mainland United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or District of Columbia are eligible to submit the Tylenol Scholarship 2011 Application form.

Q:What needs to be attached with the Tylenol Scholarship Application Form?

A:The Educational transcripts, merit certificates and any certificates awarded for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities or community service must be attached with the Tylenol Scholarship Application Form and sent to the given address.

Q:Where can I find the Tylenol Scholarship Application Form 2011?

A:The Tylenol Scholarship Application Forms for 2011 can be found at our website. You may wish to directly apply online, to save time and money. The processing time is also lesser if you apply online.

Q:Will opting for the Tylenol scholarships affect my credit score?

A:The Tylenol scholarships should not affect the credit score since it is a financial aid in recognition of your abilities. You can also verify this by contacting their official website.

Q:What does the selection committee look for in a student's Tylenol Scholarship application?

A:The selection committee looks decides the acceptance of the Tylenol Scholarship application on the basis of college GPA, academic records in public health/health education, med school, nursing and/or pharmacy, volunteer services and the test essay content.

Q:Who is sponsoring the 2011 Tylenol scholarship?

A:The Tylenol scholarship program is majorly sponsored by the Pharmaceutical brand Tylenol.

Q:Where can I view the 2011 Tylenol scholarship PDF file?

A:The 2011 Tylenol scholarship PDF format application is available at their website.

Q:Where can I sign up for Tylenol scholarship?

A:You can sign up for Tylenol scholarship program at our website. This is a much cheaper and time saving method of applying. Plus you can also get assistance from our live chat help desks or by mailing our representatives.

Q:Where can I get the Tylenol scholarship 2011 form?

A:The Tylenol scholarship 2011 form is available at our website. Hurry up! The deadline is round the corner.

Q:Can we submit the Tylenol scholarship application online?

A:Yes. You can conveniently submit the Tylenol scholarship application online to save time and money. Rest assured, all of your personal data will be kept safe.

Q:Why cant I find the 2011 Tylenol scholarship application form?

A:There are sometimes updates going on on our website, as every material you see hare is fresh and updated. Therefore, regretfully though it is, sometimes you are not able to view some material for a very short time. The 2011 Tylenol scholarship application forms are available now.

Q:Are there different types of Tylenol 2011 scholarship application form?

A:No. The Tylenol 2011 scholarship application form are the same for various categories.

Q:Does the Tylenol scholarship program application change year to year?

A:The Tylenol scholarship program application forms are usually the same each year, however, it may vary due to some additions or deductions.

Q:Can I download the 2011 Tynelol scholarship program form online?

A:Yes. You may download the 2011 Tylenol scholarship program form online. It is available at our website as well as at the company's website itself.

Q:How can I be sure that my personal information will not be misused if I submit the Tylenol Scholarships Application?

A:You should not be worried about any of the personal information being misused when you submit the Tylenol Scholarships Application. Keep in mind that Tylenol is a household pharmaceutical name and nothing is dearer to the corporation than its goodwill. Extra care is taken to guarantee that none of your personal information is misused in any way whatsoever. This is also mentioned in the application form, so you can apply with confidence and trust.

Q:Is the online Tylenol scholarship application process safe?

A:Yes. The online Tylenol scholarship application process is extremely safe and secure, keeping in mind how important it is to protect your personal information. Apply with no worries.

Q:From where can I get Tylenol scholarship application form?

A:TYLENOL Scholarship forms are available on TYLENOL's official website. You can click on the "TYLENOL Scholarship" tab on their homepage to get to the scholarship details as well as the application form. The deadline for the scholarship is listed as 27th May, 2011.

Q:How can I get Tylenol grants?

A:Tylenol scholarships are not grants. These are company sponsored scholarships that support students pursing healthcare education. They are awarded to students with good academic records displaying remarkable leadership qualities. Application form is available at the company website and the deadline for submitting the applications is 27th May, 2011.

Q:Is Tylenol Scholarship a government scholarship program?

A:No. Tylenol scholarship is a private scholarship program initiated by a drug producing company which is extending a helping hand to promote healthcare related education

Q:What is the Tylenol scholarship application process?

A:Tylenol scholarships have a very simple application process. To apply for Tylenol scholarships, you need to be enrolled in healthcare related degrees and display outstanding academic and leadership qualities. You can easily download the application form online from our website and submit the form alongside all required documents.

Q:Hi. Can you please tell me what was the date for the announcement of Tylenol scholarship 2011 winners? Can I reapply?

A:The date for the announcement of the Tylenol scholarship 2011 winners was July 15, 2011. You may apply again for the next year's Tylenol scholarship program.

Q:What is the Tylenol Scholarship criteria of selection?

A:Tylenol Scholarship requires you to apply to a healthcare related field of education. The selection criteria of Tylenol Scholarships is strictly described as academic excellence, leadership qualities, and community involvement. Students with these abilities are preferred at the time of the selection.

Q:How can I apply for the Tylenol scholarship program 2011?

A:The deadline for applications of the Tylenol scholarship 2011 has crossed, which was the 27th of May. All the scholarship awards for the year have been distributed. You can keep a track of the scholarship program for the next year and make sure to submit the application before the deadline. We keep updating the Tylenol Scholarship program profile throughout the year for any modifications. You can follow our website and stay updated.

Q:How many applicants are there for 2011 Tylenol scholarship program?

A:The 2011 Tylenol scholarship program has closed. The deadline for the application of the scholarship 2011 was 27th May. The have announced the scholarship winners as well. If you wish to apply to the Tylenol Scholarship program, you can look into the 2012 Tylenol Scholarship program and be sure to apply before the deadline of the application.

Q:Where can I get information on my Tylenol scholarship application status?

A:The information regarding the status of your Tylenol scholarship application is available on their website. All individuals who submit an online application for a Tylenol scholarship can view the current status or get information about the proceedings on the official Tylenol website. Apart from this, students can also contact the office via phone number.

Q:Can I get some information about the Tylenol scholarship program 2011?

A:The Tylenol scholarship program 2011 has been closed. The deadline for the submission of applications was the 27th of May, 2011. Award recipients of the scholarship will be announced on 15th of August, 2011. If you are interested in applying to the Tylenol Scholarship, you can wait for its 2012 applications to open up and be sure to apply before the deadline.

Q:Does your website provide accurate Tylenol Scholarship 2011 info?

A:Yes. Our website provides the most accurate and authentic information about the Tylenol Scholarship 2011 program. You can find all information relating application process, dead lines, award amount, and eligibility criteria relating these scholarships on our website. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Q:Is the application process for Tylenol Scholarship 2012 application similar to the last year's process?

A:The application deadline for Tylenol Scholarship 2011 is over. All details regarding the 2012 application procedure will be available on our website shortly. To get any specific information relating these scholarships, feel free to contact us.

Q:How will the TYLENOL scholarship winners be told?

A:Every year, winners of the Tylenol scholarship are informed through post and email. You can also go to the Tylenol scholarship website and look at their list of winners if you wish to find out if your name has made it to the winners list. Good luck!

Q:Where can I find the Tylenol scholarship application form 2012?

A:The Tylenol Scholarship Application Form 2012 can easily be found on their website as well as on our website. You can download the application form, fill it and submit with all the required documents before the deadline to stand eligible for the scholarship program for 2012.

Q:Where can I find Tylenol scholarship 2012 application for high school seniors?

A:The Tylenol Scholarship 2012 application form is available on our website as well as on the company website. Students applying to the undergraduate degree programs in healthcare or a healthcare related field can fill in the application form and submit before the deadline. Graduate students can also apply. The scholarship is awarded on leadership qualities and academic excellence in the healthcare profession.

Q:What is the Tylenol Scholarship 2012 deadline for application?

A:Tylenol Scholarship is announced every year for students wishing to pursue careers in health care administration at graduate or undergraduate level. The application deadline for 2012 is the same as it is each year. Applicants need to have submitted their complete scholarship application form by the month of May. The exact last date of submission is yet to be announced.

Q:What are the main advantages of scholarships Tylenol?

A:The Tylenol scholarship is a unique medical scholarship, it is different from other scholarships as it is offered to both graduate and undergraduate students. The main advantage of such a scholarship is that the criteria for applying is less complex. Another major advantage of scholarships Tylenol is that students can apply for this anytime before or after enrolling in a medical program. The scholarship is provided on academic performance and achievements.

Q:How will Tylenol scholarship 2012 winners be notified?

A:Winners of the 2012 Tylenol scholarship will be announced before the term starts and all the winners will be personally notified through telephone, email or post. In addition to that, you can also check online on their website to see if the winners have been announced and to see if your name is on the list.

Q:I am interested in applying for the Tylenol 2012 scholarship application form. Can you please tell me which medical programs are more accepted for this scholarship?

A:Tylenol 2012 Scholarship is designed primarily to help those students who are wanting to pursue a career in pharmaceutical studies and medicine. You may be opting for a certificate, diploma, associates degree, bachelors or management course. Some of the fields other than mainstream pharmacy and medicine that are accepted include Psychology, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Anesthesiology, Patient Care Technicians and Medical Administrators (MBA).

Q:While going through Tylenol Public Health scholarships program, I came across Diploma in Medical Assistant Technician. What are the contents of the course?

A:Tylenol Public Health scholarships are available for all the competent students out there. Diploma in Medical Assistant Technician program offers you a study of basic understanding of medicine. The coursework includes pharmacology, medical law and ethics, anatomy and physiology, clinical competency, human disease, medical office management, English composition and medical coding.

Q:Are nurse practitioner Tylenol scholarships taxable?

A:Nurse practitioner Tylenol scholarships exclusively used for the payment of tuition and purchasing of books is normally not taxable in the United States. However, scholarships used for other purposes is another matter altogether. Students who receive these scholarships are personally responsible for taxes. It is recommended that students get in touch with their financial advisor as cases are dealt on personal basis.

Q:My search on how to apply for Tylenol scholarship 2012 mentioned Scholarship America Inc. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:Searching on how to apply for Tylenol Scholarship 2012 would mention Scholarship America Inc. This organization is responsible for administering a number of scholarship programs all over the United States. Since its inception Scholarship American helped more than million students with billions of dollars in scholarship grants. It is a nonprofit organization and has been rated as one of the leading charity organization in Minnesota.

Q:While searching on Tylenol scholarship program for Nurse practitioners, I got to know that it is not open for McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNeil-PPC. What is it?

A:If you want to go for Tylenol scholarship program for Nurse practitioners, there are a certain requirements you need to meet. You cannot be and employee of McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNeil-PPC, because the scholarship has been closed for the company. McNeil Consumer Healthcare is one of the top companies in the industry that provide over the counter drugs.

Q:While I was looking for Tylenol scholarship 2012 application form for undergraduate, I came across mention of Nurse Educator Graduate Certificate. Can you tell me a little about it?

A:You came across the mention of Nurse Educator Graduate Certificate while looking for Tylenol scholarship 2012 application form for undergraduate because you can opt for this program in the health care sector. In this certification the individuals are taught how to become nurse trainers, the course includes topics such as curriculum designing and teaching techniques.

Q:While looking for Healthcare Tylenol scholarship 2012 application form for undergraduate open date, I came across Bachelor of Health Care Administration program. Can you brief me about it?

A:You often come across Bachelor of Health Care Administration program if searching for Tylenol scholarship 2012 application form for undergraduate open date. Health Care Administration program enables the students to work in medical facilities as administrators. Some of the topics include, health care statistics, home health care administration, human resources for health care delivery and managing health care information systems.

Q:As I read on the Tylenol scholarship 2012 requirements, there was mention of the preference for students with ample knowledge of Human Relations. What is taught in this course?

A:If you study the Tylenol scholarship 2012 requirements, you will realize that it is always more beneficial to know some specialist course, such as Human Relations. This course is worth 4 credits in total and is usually taught in the fields relating to Psychology. You will get to examine the major issues relating to human relations.

Q:What are the requirements for a Tylenol future care scholarship 2012 application?

A:The requirements for a Tylenol Future Care Scholarship 2012 application are, students should be pursuing a degree in medicine or health services. The students must be enrolled in an accredited institution. Students should also have completed one year of their education with at least one more year left. And students are allowed to apply for this scholarship only once. Recurring application are not entertained.

Q:While searching on when will the 2012 Tylenol scholarship open, I came across Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutic course in scholarship for Pediatric Nursing. Can you brief me about it?

A:Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutic course that you came across in your search on when will the 2012 Tylenol scholarship open is one of the core courses of the Pediatric Nursing program. In this course the students get to learn about the principles of pharmacology needed to be applied in case of pediatric emergency.

Q:What other documents am I supposed to send with my Tylenol Scholarship application 2012 form?

A:There are quite a few documents that students need to send with their Tylenol Scholarship application 2012 form. Applicants need to include their social security card, high school and college transcripts, and proof that they are enrolled or working towards a health care related degree. This can be in the form of an acceptance letter from the institution. And students need to make sure that the institution is accredited and recognized.

Q:My search on Tylenol Health Brand scholarship how to apply 2012 led me to Nursing programs that I can opt for with the scholarship. Which would be the best?

A:The search on Tylenol Health Brand scholarship how to apply 2012 often leads to different programs in health care that you can apply in. For a person wanting to pursue a career in nursing, the best program to take admission in would be Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BS in Nursing is a four year program.

Q:While searching for Tylenol brand scholarship 2012 high school medical programs, I came across Associate of Science in Nursing. Can you tell me the contents of this program?

A:With Tylenol brand scholarship 2012 high school search, you often come across the mention of various medical programs; Associate of Science in Nursing is one of them. In this two year program you will get to study courses such as disease of the human body, academic strategies for nursing, introduction to psychology, sociology, college algebra and LPN professional role.

Q:While going through programs I can opt for with Tylenol Health Brand scholarship 2012, I came across Management Of Women Health Issues course. What is it about?

A:With Tylenol Health Brand scholarship 2012, you can opt for a number of programs in the field of medicine. You can opt for nursing programs as well. Management Of Women Health Issues is usually a part of all of the nursing programs. The course is specially designed to focus on the health of women in the society.

Q:Can I apply for Tylenol scholarship 2012 for college again?

A:It depends, students who have not been awarded the Tylenol scholarship for college can apply as many times as they like. However, students who have received this scholarship award cannot apply for the Tylenol scholarship 2012 for college award again. It is one of the eligibility criteria and allows other students to apply for this award. Students are also required to be enrolled in a health care related degree seeking program.

Q:Are there any letters of recommendation required for the Tylenol scholarship? If yes, how many?

A:No, the Tylenol Scholarship application does not require any letter of recommendations. However, if the applicant wants to include a letter from an instructor of employer, they can do that. Every year the Tylenol Scholarship selection committee requires prospective students to write an essay on a topic mention on the application form. Applicants are requested to make sure they include personal statement that characterizes their future plans and aspirations.

Q:I missed Tylenol scholarship 2012, can you tell me when will the next scholarship be offered?

A:If you missed applying for Tylenol scholarship 2012, you must look out for the 2013 scholarship. It is important to visit their site to get all information regarding it but typically the scholarship applications process starts in mid march and continues till may end. It is a popular scholarship program that should be availed by medicine students.

Q:Can you tell me if I missed the Tylenol scholarship 2012 application when can the next one be applied for?

A:If you have missed on Tylenol scholarship 2012 application then you will have to wait for Tylenol scholarship 2013 application process which is expected to start by mid march 2013. Tylenol scholarships presents the opportunity to get assistance in pursuing a medical career and is quite popular which is applied for by people from around the world.

Q:Can you tell me about 2013 Tylenol scholarship application?

A:Every year Tylenol offers scholarships to deserving students to assist them make a career in healthcare. The updated information and eligibility criterion is given on the website. You can check for 2013 Tylenol scholarship application on the website of Tylenol and download it. Along with the application, the required documents must be submitted on time.

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