Company Scholarships

A number of companies and organizations in the US are offering scholarships students pursuing higher education. Some of these companies take this initiative as a part of their corporate social responsibility, while others provide scholarships to potential candidates. Many of these scholarship programs focus on helping women, minorities and people with disabilities.

  • Wal-Mart scholarship
    • This scholarship is granted to high school students who are applying to undergraduate programs in universities.

  • ExxonMobil Corporation scholarship
    • This scholarship program focuses on students interested in pursuing a degree in agriculture, engineering and mathematics. Only students studying in Singapore can apply for this scholarship.
  • AT&T Labs Fellowship Program
    • This fellowship program is offered to women and minority students interested in PhD in IT or communications.
  • The Johnston Legacy Scholars Program
    • This scholarship program is sponsored by the Coca Coal Company. Students pursuing a 2 year graduation degree can apply for this scholarship.

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers Ford PAS Scholarship
    • This scholarship is sponsored by the Ford motor company. Ford is the inventor of the veteran cars like Lincoln, Mercury and Jaguar. Every year Ford offers three scholarships worth $10,000 each to students enrolled as seniors at a university. This program is aimed to help them with the graduate studies.  The students must have been a part of The Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (PAS) program during their under graduation. PAS program is an internship program with the ford company in the field of sciences, engineering, math and technical sciences.

  • The Henry Ford Academy Scholarship
    • This scholarship is also sponsored by the Ford Company. The scholarship is given to one outstanding alumnus of the Ford academy and is aimed to help him/her with their four year education during under graduation. This fund is worth $10,000.

  • Ford Motor Company Tribal Scholarships
    • This scholarship is offered to the Native Americans who are pursuing a degree in sciences, math, technology or teaching. This program is worth $5,000. Candidates must prove their need based condition to obtain this scholarship.

  • Ford Mi Fuerza Scholarships
    • This scholarship is given by the Ford Company to Spanish students enrolled in any college for any subject. This program grants $500 and $5,000 every year and is a mixture of need based grant and merit scholarship.
Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship
    • This program funds the tuition fees of students enrolled in under graduation. The applicant has to apply for the scholarship every year. It is worth $50000 and students pursuing a degree in Business administration or Fine Arts can apply for it.
The Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship
This scholarship is granted to the students who have struggled with epilepsy. The candidate must posses a high school graduation degree and must be enrolled in the under graduate program in a university. This scholarship is worth $2,000. Undergraduate aiming for a graduate degree can also apply for this scholarship. The deadline to apply for the Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship is June 15. Johnson & Johnson Promise of Nursing Scholarship This scholarship is aimed to aid students who are pursuing a degree in nursing. This program grants $2500 for studies and is valid for stuents studying in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington only. The deadline to apply is January 13.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any company scholarships available?

A:Yes. Many big companies like Wal-Mart and Exxon Mobil offer the company scholarships. You can find their various links on our website.

Q:Can we get any scholarships online?

A:Yes. There are various institutes listed on our website that offer scholarships online.

Q:Wheer can I find the Ford mi Fuerza scholarship 2011 application?

A:The Ford mi Fuerza scholarship 2011 application form is available at their official site.

Q:Are there any companies in Singapore offering scholarships?

A:Like any major metropolis, the companies in Singapore offer comprehensive scholarships, since they are international corporations with global presence.

Q:Are the scholarships given by companies for some specific program?

A:Yes. Usually the scholarships given by companies are based on programs related to what the company works on.

Q:Are the scholarship from companies bad for the credit score?

A:Since the scholarship from companies are not categorized as student loans, they should not be bad for your credit score.

Q:Can we also apply for the company scholarships masters program online?

A:Yes you may apply for the company scholarships online.

Q:Are there any science scholarships from companies?

A:Yes, there are numerous science scholarships offered by private companies in United States. You can refer to the article above for specific information.

Q:Are there any science company scholarships available?

A:There are various company scholarship options listed on our website which also include company scholarships specifically in the field of science. Such scholarships include the Ford PAS Scholarship program which is awarded specifically to students pursuing any sort of sciences degree. Ford Motor Company Tribal Scholarships also focus on students opting for sciences degrees.

Q:Are there any corporations with scholarship programs?

A:Yes. There are several companies offering scholarship programs to students. Here are some of such famous scholarship programs for you. The Henry Ford Academy Scholarship, Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Ford PAS Scholarship, ExxonMobil Corporation scholarship, and The Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship.

Q:What kind of communications companies offering scholarships can I find?

A:A large number of communications companies offer a number of private scholarships. These scholarships include the basic need based and academic based scholarships. If you can prove financial need, you will be eligible for a need based scholarship while you will have to show exceptional academic results to qualify for an academic scholarship.

Q:Are there any International Corporation Scholarships?

A:Yes. There are several international organizations and corporations offering scholarship programs to students. These include companies like Ford Motors, Wal Mart, Walt Disney, and ExxonMobil Corporation. These offer various types of educational scholarships to those with outstanding academic achievements.

Q:Can you name a few top scholarships offered by companies to interested Business students in the United States?

A:There are many businesses in the US that offer study scholarships to students all over. Students can apply for these scholarships and acquire higher education in the field of business. Top companies include: general motors, ford motors, AT&T, Wall Mart, Dell Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, State Farm Insurance, Best Buy, and Lowe’s.

Q:What is a scholarship offered by a corporation to aid students? What are the types?

A:Scholarships that are offered by corporations to aid students is a type of financial aid that does not require any repayment and is given only to deserving individuals. The two main types of scholarships offered by corporations are need-based and academic-based. The need based scholarship is given on the basis of financial need while the academic scholarship is given to students with above average academic scores.

Q:What companies offer scholarships for education at bachelor level in the US?

A:Scholarships are not just offered by universities and other foundations, but are also offered by companies and business organizations in the US. Students can apply for scholarships for undergraduate studies form popular businesses such as: Bank of America, General Motors, Fannie Mae, Chevron, Exxon Mobile, Wal-Mart Stores, Ford Motor, Berkshire Hathaway, Sears Holdings, and Target.

Q:Major company scholarships for finance education and marketing education are offered by who?

A:Students interested in pursuing higher education in finance or marketing can apply for scholarships at large multinationals and companies. Top companies offering scholarship programs for finance and marketing students are: Fannie Mae, Bank of America, Sears Holdings, Wal-Mart, Target, and many more. These scholarships have been designed to promote education in both fields.

Q:Are there any disadvantages of contacting famous companies in USA offering scholarships?

A:There are pros and cons for every form of financial assistance. Students seeking private scholarships being offered by private companies need to be careful since the scholarship programs are awarded to students with outstanding academic records mostly. Students should not consider private scholarships their one and only option and must have backup. Private company scholarships are hard to get. However, there is no harm in trying.

Q:Restorative Justice was mentioned when searching for private company scholarships. What will I learn with this course?

A:There is a possibility of Restorative Justice being mentioned when searching for private company scholarships. This course gives students an excellent opportunity to understand the traditional criminal justice model and what happens when it fails to serve its purpose. Students with the help of this course also learn about criminal justice models being used in different countries and how some aspects of these models can be incorporated in order to improve the existing conditions. Students interested in this course can find themselves employed in both federally administered and private organizations.

Q:Scams were mentioned when searching for companies offering scholarships. What kind of scams should I be aware of?

A:Scams would be mentioned when searching for companies offering scholarships. These scams usually ask students for an application fee upfront. Students should be aware of a scholarship that uses the word ‘guaranteed' with them. No scholarship is guaranteed and students should never apply for an award that asks for processing fee in advance. Students are also recommended to stay away from financial aid that uses the words ‘official', ‘government' and ‘national'. By using these words companies try to hide their scams and trap unsuspecting students.

Q:Which are some of the best company scholarships for high school seniors?

A:Company scholarships are the corporate worlds way of giving something back to the people who make them successful and helping build the communities they are based in. Some of the best scholarship programs for high school students looking for ways to finance their higher education are: The AT&T Labs Fellowship Program, Exxon Mobil Corporation, General Electric (GE)/LULAC Scholarship, The Jackie Robinson Foundation's Scholarship Program, Bank of America scholarships, The Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Scholarship Program, Joe Martin Scholarship program, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Ford PAS Scholarships and Best Buy's @15 Scholarship Program among others.

Q:Can you give me some information about company scholarships 2012 in the finance sector?

A:There are public banks, private banks, tax agencies, auditing firms, and financial institutions that are providing scholarships to students. These companies aim at helping selected students fulfill their academic goal in finance studies. A scholarship can be used to cover all program costs and educational expenses. Each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria and application process.

Q:Do I have to pay back company scholarships for college students?

A:The purpose of any scholarship is to help students pay for their educational costs. Scholarships, generally speaking are gift monies that students do not need to pay back. These are awarded based on academic qualifications or some other special talent. So, most company scholarships do not need to be paid back by the students.

Q:Are big company scholarships reliable ones?

A:There are many companies that offer scholarships to deserving students on need or merit basis. Generally, big company scholarships are a good option to get financial help and are reliable ones as these companies have a reputation that they need to maintain. Before opting for any scholarships whether from a small company or a big one, it is advisable to check all the terms and conditions.

Q:Can you name a few companies that give scholarships to students?

A:There are numerous companies that offer educational scholarships to students. These scholarships are usually career specific or need based. Some of the major firms that provide scholarships include General Motors, Fannie Mae, Exxon Mobile, Wal Mart, Ford Motors, Pepsi, Dell Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Walt Disney, and Sears Holdings. The application process for scholarships will vary from firm to firm.

Q:Is there any major difference between companies that offer scholarships and colleges that offer scholarships?

A:Scholarships are basically aid packages designed to help students pay for education. These can be categorized as need based scholarships, merit based scholarships, and career specific scholarships. Many colleges and companies offer scholarships to students. There is no major difference between these two, as they both work towards the same purpose of helping students pay for education.

Q:I have heard about big corporation scholarships, on what basis are these given?

A:Big corporation scholarships are being availed by many students. The corporations who give these scholarships believe in giving back to the community, therefore they offer these scholarships or have foundations that grant them to deserving candidates. The basis on which these are given can be merit basis or on financial need basis.

Q:Are business sponsored scholarships supposed to be paid back?

A:Whether you have applied for business sponsored scholarships or federal scholarships, it is important to know that scholarships do not have to be repaid. Scholarships, unlike loans, are monetary gifts/aid. These are designed to help students pay for education and earn degree programs in an academic field. Scholarships can be need based, career specific, or merit based.

Q:Are there any private companies that offer scholarships for business graduates?

A:Business qualifications at masters level is widely recognized and accepted across the globe. Many multinational organizations and other private corporations are dedicated to promoting this academic field. These firms provide educational scholarships to aspiring business students. The core purpose of a scholarship is to help outstanding students fulfill their academic goal by covering program costs/expenses.

Q:Are there many scholarships by companies?

A:Many large companies do offer scholarships as part of their corporate social responsibility program. It can also feature as an inducement to prospective members of it graduate/ internship programs. You can find such scholarships through the internet, or there are some websites that offer a web-search tools to help you find the best scholarships for you.

Q:Is there a one stop portal through which I can apply to companies that provide scholarships?

A:No, you will have to apply to each of the above companies directly. Each company has its own specific requirements and criteria. You should especially take note of the deadline for each loan as these are often strictly enforced. You should take time to ensure that you provide the full details and answer all the questions fully.

Q:Where can I find private company scholarship?

A:Private scholarships are those which are not offered by federal, state or school sources. The criteria for these scholarships vary according to the particular organizations. You can look for these scholarships at various corporations. Religious organizations also provide scholarships to their members so that they can pursue a college education.

Q:I am trying to find companies offering scholarship programs. Should I conduct an online search?

A:Yes, it would be helpful to search for scholarship programs online. Many companies offering these programs provide information at their official website. The core aim of company scholarships is to help students acquire higher in a certain field and cover educational costs. The major benefit that comes with scholarship programs is that these do not have to be paid back.

Q:Where can I find detailed information about Johnston legacy scholarship application?

A:The easiest way to search for information about Johnston legacy scholarship application is online. You can search for all kinds of information regarding this scholarship by visiting various websites. Nowadays, all scholarship organizations provide information about the scholarship criteria and application procedure online. You can also apply for this program online.

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