Graduate Student Loans

Student loans are special financial aid that is designed for those who want to enroll in college degree in a convenient manner. As many students cannot afford to pay for college, they seek different ways to get money for their education. Keeping this in view, government as well as a number of private organizations have introduced loans for students so that they can turn into qualified professionals and realize their career dreams. In some loans, students may get partial amount for tuition while certain programs enable them to get complete cost of their education.

What are Graduate Student Loans?
Graduate Student Loans are the financial aid programs that are meant for those who want to enroll in graduate degree programs. Since graduate with different degrees can pursue the most rewarding employment opportunities in every field, getting into these programs is a great choice for the students. However, the rising cost of these programs does not allow most students to enroll in these degrees. This is where graduate student loans come to play their role. These loans enable aspiring graduate students to enroll in a degree of their choice by providing them with the much needed money required for the tuition and other related expenses. These loans are similar to the undergraduate student loans.
Types of Graduate Student Loans
Graduate student loans can be broadly divided into 2 categories. These include federal graduate student loans and private graduate student loans. Students can opt for the Stafford Loan which has very low rate of interest. There is no credit check required in this kind of graduate student loans. These loans are based on financial need. Private graduate student loans are similar to the private undergraduate student loans and are offered by the private lenders such as banks. To benefit from these programs, students need to have a good credit score or a co-signer. Graduate Plus loans are another kind of graduate student loans which are in fact a combination of deferral as well as private loans.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the different types of loans for graduate students?

A:Graduate students have a number of options if they wish to get loans. They can apply to the federal financial aid program and secure loan programs such as Stafford loans and Grad PLUS loans. Students who do not qualify for federal loans can look into private loan options. These are offered by a number of banks, private organizations, and other financial intermediaries. However, they require students to have a good credit history and a co-signer.

Q:While going through the student loans for graduate students, there was mention of the course on Introduction to Computers. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Introduction to Computers while going through the student loans for graduate students. This course is worth 3 credits in total. It is structured to provide students with ample understanding of the concepts of fundamental nature that relate to computer hardware, networks, graphics, design as well as the internet.

Q:Are there any MBA student loans available?

A:Yes, you can finance your graduation with MBA student loans as well. Like all other loans, you will get to submit FAFSA form first before opting for the loan. Various loans that provide aid for MBA programs include citibank loans, sallie mae loans and the access group. With federal student loans you can opt for MBA program too.

Q:Does it hold true that private graduate student loans do not offer any deferment or forbearance?

A:Private graduate student loans are given by private lenders hence they have stricter rules and regulations regarding the payment process. It is always advised to students to avail the federal loans first and if these are not available then only to opt for private ones. It should be kept in mind that deferment or forbearance might not be an option for private loans.

Q:Are there any graduate school student loans?

A:Yes. Graduate School Student Loans are difficult to find. However, not impossible. Students enrolled in the graduate degrees can easily find part time employment therefore loan options for students enrolled in masters degrees are less. However, federal financial aid program does offer a specific loan for graduate students - Grad Loans.

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