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Citi Student Loans

In 2010 Citibank NA sold its student loans business to Discover Bank. Consequently as of December 29, 2012, the Citibank NA no longer offers Citi Assist Loans under its banner. However Discover Bank continues to provide student loans as before.

What are Student Loans?

student loans are the financial assistance programs that help students to pay for the cost of their education. These loans are granted by different federal and private organizations in order to facilitate students to pursue higher education in an affordable manner. Since the cost of the higher degree programs is not affordable by many students, they can greatly benefit from these loans. They can get the money to pay for their tuition as well as manage other related expenses without any problem. Discover student loans are one of the many types of financial assistance programs that enable to students to pursue their educational goals.

About Discover Student loans Discover student loan programs are offered at very affordable rates. This is why repaying them is much more convenient than returning the amount borrowed in other types of student loans. Some of these funds are offered with promotions like computers to enable students to study and research with ease.  By availing these student loans, students can get money to pay for their tuition, travel, books, accommodations and other related costs.

Following are some of the loans on offer at Discover:

  • Undergraduate Student Loans: These are private student loans that can cover up to 100% of your expenditure as an undergrad at a school of your choice.
  • Health Professions Loans: These are private student loans for all health professional education.
  • Law Loans: These are private student loans for Law school.
  • MBA Loans: These are private student loans for graduate students in business school.
  • Graduate Student Loans: There are also private student loans for other Master’s and Doctoral students at American universities.

Some of the advantages of having Discover student loans are useful because a student can get a loan of up to 100% of tuition, housing, books and more on both fixed or variable interest rates with zero origination fees and a 24/7 dedicated customer service to help you through any issues that you may have.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What options are available with Citi Assist student loans?

A:Citi Assist loans offer a number of financial options that are specifically designed to help students with their financial needs. Options available with Citi Assist loans are undergraduate loans, health profession loans, law student loans and graduate loans. All of these options can help students with their financial needs. It is recommended that students when applying for loans familiarize themselves with the most commonly used terms to assist them in making the right decision.

Q:What are the benefits of citi financial student loans?

A:One major advantage of citi financial student loans is that the students do not have the pressure of returning the loan during the period of study. Another major benefit of citi financial loans is that it is open for international students as well, all they have to do is to hire a cosigner belonging to the United States.

Q:Can I know about citi student loan consolidation?

A:The student loan consolidation program at Citi bank offers students a chance to save themselves the hassle of making multiple monthly payments on loans. The interest rate offered on the consolidated loan might be lower as compared to the original loans. However you should check with other companies too before making a choice.

Q:How flexible is the citi student loan payment plan?

A:Citibank offers a few degree and course specific loans for students pursuing certain degrees and courses. The repayment schedule for these is between 15 years to 20 years and that too not during any student's academic years. Students start paying off their Citibank loans after completing their education. As far as loan re-payment plan being flexible or not is concerned, for that you need to approach your Citibank student loan customer service personnel and explore your options.

Q:While searching for my Citi student loans login, I found out that there are various types of Citi student loans-can you explain?

A:Yes there are options available in the Citi student financing program. Three of the main loan options are: CitiAssist Undergraduate & Graduate Loans, CitiAssist Law & Bar Exam Loans and CitiAssist Health Professions Loans. However, the eligibility for these loans varies from loan to loan and applicant to applicant. Also the amount of financing offered in each loan is different, due to which the repayment period also varies.

Q:As I was searching for CITI student loans payment options, I found out that it offers auto-debt payment option. Can you explain this?

A:Auto-debt payment option is offered by CITI bank to borrowers. In this repayment option, the amount is automatically deducted from a borrower's bank account. This prevents a student from missing out on any payment. One major advantage of opting for this repayment option is the interest rate discount offered. You can have your interest rate deducted up to 0.25%.

Q:If I get citi student loans, will I have access to online banking?

A:If you get a student loan from Citibank, you will be given access to online banking. You will have an online account through which you can manage your loan repayments, keep track of repayments, stay informed about variable interest rates, and also apply for other services. You can access your account from any location at any time of the day.

Q:Is it easy to get Citi private student loans?

A:Citi private student loans are popular as they come from a trustworthy source but still it is always advised to enquire about all requirements that come with the loan package. Different loan types have their own set of requirements and as long as you are able to meet these requirements you can easily get the loans.

Q:Can I go for citi bank student loans consolidation?

A:Yes you can go for Citi bank student loan consolidation as it will give you some advantages. To begin with it will integrate all your existing loans into a single new loan and this will rid you of making multiple payments. You can also have lower monthly payments which can provide some much needed financial relief.

Q:Can you tell me about citibank international student loans?

A:Citi bank offers student loans to international students just as it does to local ones. If you are an international student you should visit their site and look at the application criteria. There are various repayment plans you can choose from and you can also choose an interest rate regime.

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