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Post Grad Certificates in Teaching Language

If you have knack for a foreign language, a career in teaching language can be an ideal line of work for you. Teaching a foreign language can be very exciting and rewarding. You can obtain a degree in a foreign language of your choice and pursue a career as a teacher. An education in this field not only provides with proficiency in a particular language but also gives you a chance to discover the culture associated with the target language.

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You can pick any language of your choice such as English, Spanish, French or Chinese and obtain a graduate or post graduate education before you can start teaching a language. Job opportunities for foreign language teachers are very bright as America is a multicultural society.

As a foreign language teacher, you will have to work with students to help develop competence in a second language. You can work in public schools, universities or private settings and pursue a rewarding and exciting career.

Those of you who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language can enroll in post grad certificates in teaching language to gain valuable credential in a convenient manner.

Post Grad Certificates in Teaching Language Program

Post grad certificates in teaching language may take 1-2 years to complete. They provide students with in-depth information in the linguistic and pedagogic skills required to teach a language in higher education.

In this program, students will examine pronunciation, voice quality, spelling and sound systems. They will also learn grammar, sentence structures, word meanings and semantics. The program will help students develop practical teaching skills and learn lesson planning. In addition, learners will also learn the latest methods to teaching writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.


The curriculum in post grad certificates in teaching language may include topics such as teaching writing, teaching vocabulary and classroom management. Other courses of study students can obtain include materials evaluation, error correction, teaching young learners, and teaching grammar.

Admissions Requirements 

A bachelor’s degree in a foreign language is essential to pursue a teaching language post grad certificate program. Candidates should also have experience in teaching to enroll in this program. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Career Prospects

There is lot of demand for foreign language teachers across the country. These professionals can find an array of employment opportunities in schools, college, universities, and other settings. The income of language experts may vary by location, experience and qualification. Generally, language instructors’ earn in the range of $55,000 to $75,000 on an annual basis.

Online Programs

The post grad certificates in teaching language are also offered by distance learning schools. Those of you who cannot attend campus based courses can enroll in online programs and benefit from post grad education in a convenient manner. These programs are self-paced, and allow learners to attend classes from any location. The flexibility of these programs makes them very useful particularly for the ones who want to switch careers.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are some of the topics covered in post grad certificates in teaching language program?

A:The post grad certificate in teaching language covers a number of courses. The courses included in this program are A History of ELT Methods, Teaching Writing, Classroom Management, Materials Evaluation, Teaching Vocabulary, Error Correction, Teaching Young Learners, Language Awareness and Teaching Grammar. These are some of the courses included in this program. There is huge potential for students who are interested in this area of study.

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