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Career in Education/Teaching

The field of education teaching contributes to the education, care, grooming and social development of a child, youth or adult. Even though there are specified courses and qualifications in teaching, a person with expertise in another qualification may also opt for a career in teaching if s/he passes demonstrates the skills to teach. To demonstrate the skills you do need to do at least short courses and certifications in the field. These courses guarantee a promising career in Education teaching in the United States, which is a benchmark country in quality education.

Tasks of Education Teachers
Even though there may be slight variations in the tasks that education teachers may handle, there are a few that are common in all jobs in Education. These are:

  • Classroom teaching
  • Individual tutoring with the student
  • Planning of the curricula
  • Supervising the infants
  • Art projects coordination
  • Assisting in the administrative roles
  • Consultations with the parents

Prospects of Jobs in Education
There has been some serious emphasis on kindergarten and first grade readiness as well as junior to high school education in the United States under the Obama administration. This has also given a boost to the Teaching career prospects. According to the U.S Department of Labor, there is an expectation of 38% increase in education teaching over the next decade. The median survey of individuals in this field is $42,000 per annum and is expected to increase substantially over the next 15 years.

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