Associate Degree in Crime Scene

Students can pursue interesting careers by enrolling in Associate of Crime Scene degree programs. These are undergraduate programs that span over 2 years. Students in this training program learn how to identify, gather and analyze different evidence from crime scenes. As the demand for crime scene investigators is on the increase, earning Associate of Crime Scene degrees can help students to find rewarding jobs.

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Admissions Criteria
In order to enroll in Associate of Crime Scene programs, students need to possess a high school diploma or GED. Other criteria for enrollment may vary from school to school.

The Scope of an Associate of Crime Scene Degree
There are various campus-based as well as online institutes that offer Associate of Crime Scene programs. Students will be able to learn the basic knowledge and skills required to establish a career as a crime scene investigator. They learn to take photographs of crime scenes other than packaging and transporting evidences. Some of the courses covered in Associate in Crime Scene degree programs are:

Organic chemistry
Human anatomy

Students can pursue careers in scores of specialized fields by earning Associate of Crime Scene degrees. They can work as:
Crime Lab Assistant
Latent Print Examiner
Forensic Science Specialist
Crime Scene Technician
Crime Scene Photographer
Fingerprint Classification Specialist

Online Associate of Crime Scene Programs
There are a number of online schools that offer Online Associate of Crime Scene programs. The online programs are more flexible and cost effective than the regular associate’s degree programs which make them a great choice for students who desire to work at their own pace and at their own schedule.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long does it take to get the associate degree?

A:An associate degree is an introductory level undergraduate program which can be completed within two years if pursued in a traditional campus-based institute. The degree can be completed in less or more than two year's span as well. This can be done if the degree is opted online. Online programs are self paced. Therefore, students can take as long as they wish to complete the degree.

Q:What is the duration of the associate's degree being offered in cyber crime schools?

A:The associate's degree in crime scene management being offered by cyber crime schools can be completed within two years. Students enrolled in the online associate in crime scene management can also take more or less than two years to complete the program. They can, in fact, take as long as they wish to complete the degree. There is no restriction on the online programs.

Q:Can you please tell me about some of the topics that are studied in associate in crime?

A:Although courses covered in associate in crime degree program vary from school to school , some of the general topics studied in an associate in crime scene degree programs are Criminology , Physics, Victimology, Organic chemistry as well as Human anatomy. For detailed information on specific curriculum, it is advisable to consult the school you are interested in enrolling.

Q:What are the courses I will study in an associate in crime scene program?

A:Students will be required to take a number or core as well as elective courses to fulfill their credit requirements. Some of the core courses are; Criminology, Corrections, Physics, Victimology, Organic chemistry and Human anatomy. Other optional or elective courses can be; Pharmacology, Latex Printing, Crime Scene Preservation, Crime Scene Photography etc.

Q:What are the requirements to join the crime scene associate programs?

A:For an admission to crime scene associate programs there are a number of admission requirements that may be needed. However, these will ultimately depend on the institute you are applying to and their admission rules and regulations. Normally students are required to have either a fulfilled high school diploma or a GED. Some institutes also have minimum GPA requirements and experience hour requirements. You will have to check with the admissions office of the school you choose to apply to.

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