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Enrolling in RN courses enables students to potentially pursue long-term careers in the healthcare sector. There are a number of regular as well as online schools that offer RN courses. Completing an RN program enables students to earn the title of a Registered Nurse. There is considerable demand for RNs in almost all medical settings. This is why enrolling in RN courses can increase the students' chances of having successful nursing careers.

Types of RN Courses
Students can choose from a wide array of RN courses in order to attempt in building up a career in the nursing profession. These include:

Associate’s Programs
BSN Programs
MSN programs   
An associate’s RN degree may take 2 years to complete, though this may take a shorter or longer period too. Students can possibly find entry-level positions in nursing by earning this degree. Completing BSN and MSN programs allows students to qualify for jobs in the medical sector.

Careers for RNs  
Career prospects for Registered Nurses are positive. Students can increase their chances of finding jobs once they complete an RN course. They can possibly find employment in:

Nursing homes
Private homes
Specialized doctor's rooms
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs earned a median salary of $65,470 per year in May 2012. They will also get several career benefits.

LVN vs. RN

2012 Median Pay $41,540 per year  $65,470 per year 
Education Postsecondary non-degree award Associate’s degree
Work Experience No No
Training No No
Number of Jobs, 2012 738,400 2,711,500
Job Outlook, 2012-22 25% 19%
Salary Annual Growth Rate 0.91% 1.15%
Highest Paying State Texas California
Degree for a Job 43% Post-secondary certificate  66% Associate's degree
  35% Some college, no degree 23% Bachelor's degree
  20% Associate's degree 11% Some college, no degree
Where to work Nursing Care Facilities General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
  General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Offices of Physicians
  Offices of Physicians Home Health Care Services
  Home Health Care Services Nursing Care Facilities
  Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly Outpatient Care Centers

Online RN Courses
Online RN courses are suitable for working nurses who wish to give a boost to their career. They can enroll in these programs and upgrade their skills. The flexibility of the online RN courses enables individuals to manage their professional commitments along with their studies.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What RN courses will I be required to attempt in order to pursue a degree of Bachelor of Science?

A:The curriculum for RN to BSN is quite extensive and covers every aspect in detail. Some of the courses included in this program are Health Care Management, Health Assessment, Foundations of Evidence Based Nursing, Complex Nursing Concepts, Health Law & Compliance, Nursing Leadership & Health Care Management and BSN Role Transition. With the health care industry expanding, there is huge potential for students who are interested in this qualification.

Q:Are there any advantages of taking registered nurse courses online?

A:Yes there are several advantages of taking registered nurse courses over the internet. Studying online gives the students the benefit of studying when they want without having to show up for classes according to a fixed schedule. In addition to this online courses are generally more economical as compared to the traditional one.

Q:What are some of the registered nurse online programs?

A:In order to become a registered nurse, there are various educational paths that you can choose. The shortest time period required to become a nurse is two years. A two year associate degree makes you eligible to take the RN exam which will allow you to practice as a nurse in a hospital settings.

Q:What do I need to go for RN courses online?

A:If you want to enroll in RN courses online you will need to have a high speed internet connection and a computer which meets the system requirements mentioned by your course provider. In addition to this you will probably have to gain some sort of practical experience through lab training and internships.

Q:Can I take registered nurse classes online?

A:Yes, a number of online institutes these days offer registered nurse classes online. These programs are usually accredited and may lead to good career prospects. Online classes can be taken from any geographic location. Also, they allow candidates to study in a flexible, self-paced learning environment. They are also much less expensive as compared to campus based programs.

Q:Can you tell me about some of the courses that I will study in rn online classes?

A:The courses that you will come across in your nursing degree will vary according to which school you apply to. However generally speaking some of the courses that you will study are: medical surgical care, nursing lab, introduction to pharmacology, community health, geriatrics, pediatrics, obstetrics, acute care and mental health.

Q:Can you tell me about some of the subjects I will study in registered nurse online classes?

A:Registered nursing programs are designed to help students learn about nursing occupations and required skills. RN programs are among the leading nursing qualifications nowadays. Some of the subjects you will study in an RN program include maternal child nursing, anatomy and physiology, humanities, wellness and nutrition, clinical skills, nursing leadership, pharmacology, medical surgical care, and patient communication.

Q:What are online rn classes? How do I enroll in an RN degree?

A:RN degree programs are among the most popular nursing programs nowadays. You can enroll in this program online as well. The coursework of online RN degrees is covered through videos and online lectures. However, at some institutes, you may be required to take a few classes at the campus for practical experience and training.

Q:Can I find good jobs after completing online registered nurse classes?

A:When pursuing online nursing classes it is important to check the accreditation of the institute as there are many colleges offering the programs and you have to ensure that you get quality education. Apart from the accreditation, the credibility of the institute, curriculum and how the course is managed online must be verified.

Q:Why do I need RN Certification?

A:RN certification is a very important part of becoming a nurse. All of the states within the United States require nurses to have a license proving that they are capable of working in a clinical setting to practice nursing. Therefore, after completing their degree, students must sit for the NCLEX exam.

Q:Where can an rn work?

A:A registered nurse is a trained health care provider who provides and coordinates patient care; provide support and advice for patients and their families, and work to educate the public and patients about nursing and a number of health conditions. They may work in hospitals, clinics, nursing and residential care facilities, schools, physicians' offices, home health care services, the government, correctional facilities, and community centers.

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