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Steps to Become A CNA

As compared to other professionals, Certified Nurse Assistants, or CNAs have a better job outlook in the US. They are hard working professionals who work tirelessly to protect citizens from various medical concerns.

To become a certified nursing assistant, there are a few steps to follow but before that lets see what the job requirements include.

What Does a CNA do?

CNAs have a variety of responsibilities such as:

  • Performing administrative functions
  • Completing all clinical procedures
  • Providing assistance to healthcare professionals and other nurses
  • Moving or lifting patients who need assistance
  • Bathing and clean patients
  • Listening and recording patients’ health related concerns
  • Serving food and helping patients in eating
  • Helping patients use the toilet
  • Measuring essential signs like blood pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Supplying stock
  • Changing linens and cleaning equipment

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Steps to Become a CNA

All aspiring candidates have to be licensed to become a CNA in the US. Following steps must be followed to get to that point.

  1. Certified Nursing Assistant Program

To become CNAs, students need to have a certificate which could be obtained through a postsecondary program. These programs are offered at different nursing schools, community colleges, hospitals and vocational schools. They generally last for a few weeks and include clinical and lab instructions. During this program, students are taught different personal and nursing skills, communication techniques and clients’ right. All these techniques help them in the field.

Nursing programs usually focus on certain basic functional abilities so aspiring CNAs are recommended to focus on certain courses like reading, Math and English during their high school. They should be able to communicate the information to healthcare workers and other nurses. Speech and writing courses can help them in this regard.

  1. Certification

Once they have completed their education, all students need to take the state competency exam. Some states grant them the title of a CNA, while in others, the title may vary. Once they pass the exam, they get placed on the state registry which helps them work in different nursing homes. Preparation courses are available for these exams. However, the requirement for every state is different. A state’s board will know all the necessary requirements including continuing education, background check, etc.

  1. Additional Education

Pursuing additional education can help CNAs get better positions like registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). Along with the required experience, continuing education is also very important for this profession. LPN requires one year of diploma along with course work, while RN requires two years at the undergraduate level, at least.

How Much Does a CNA Earn in the US?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean salary of a Nursing Assistant was $29,580 in 2018. Alaska was the highest paying state with $39,830, followed by New York, paying $37,010 and Hawaii, paying $35,770.

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