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Bachelor in Web Development and Design

Bachelor of Web Development and Design

Overview of Field
The Bachelor of Web Development and Design prepares students to plan and executive projects that involve the development of websites and widgets. As the use of the web expands into online transactions and commerce, web development is becoming more and more sophisticated. The Bachelor of Web development and Design has adapted to cater to the modern demands of the industry.

Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The Bachelor of Web Development and Design is a specialized degree and has a relatively large number of required courses. In the fourth year of the program, it is common for students to engage in a final project that serves as a culmination of the skills learned across the four years. These projects are often sponsored by industry and allow students to build contacts and possibly earn a full time job.

Highlights of the Coursework
The coursework in the Bachelor of Web Development and Design includes exposure to elements of graphic design and art that may be used in websites. There is also training in integration with gateways like Paypal that handle online transactions. Most courses involve a small project that draws upon several concepts from the course.

Admission Criteria and Graduation Requirements
High school graduates with some exposure to mathematics and science may enroll in the Bachelor of Web Development & Design.

Career Prospects and Average Salary
The starting salaries for those with a Bachelor of Web Development and Design may be up to $40,000 a year depending on the skills and work experience involved.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I want information about Bachelor in Web Development and Design. What does the curriculum of the program include?

A:The bachelor's degree in web development and design offers a diverse range of courses. These include topics that cover graphics design and art that may be used on websites. The courses may also include projects that cover several concepts from the courses. Along with the coursework, the program may include training by gateways such as PayPal that manage online transactions.

Q:Can you tell me how long the Web Development and Design Bachelor Programs are?

A:Web Development and Design Bachelor Program is a specialized degree and has many required courses. It usually takes four years to complete the program. However, the duration of online programs may differ as students usually determine their own pace. A final year project is also a part of this bachelor program, and allows students to make contacts with the industry.

Q:With a bachelor web development degree, can I seek work as a web developer? What will be my average salary?

A:With a bachelor degree in web development, you can seek entry level employment in the industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of web developers is $62,500 per year. You income level will be determined by the factors such as experience, skills, employer, and state. This occupation has been ranked among the fastest growing careers nowadays.

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