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Doctoral in Interior Design

Nowadays emphasis on the interior of the buildings has increased. Whether its work place, a restaurant or a home, people do not just want them to be comfortable or practical. They want the places to be unique and attractive too. As the awareness in interior decorating and designing trends is increasing, it is cultivating an aesthetic sense among people which has resulted in an increased demand for interior designers. The field has emerged as a major industry.
To be an interior designer there are different level of degree programs available. According to the American Society of Interior Designers there are specific license requirements for interior designers that vary from state to state.

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When choosing an interior designer the qualification comes into play as it determines the level of understanding that a person has of the field. Therefore, a PHD degree in interior design means lucrative job opportunities. An advanced degree like a master’s degree and a PHD in interior design not only gives these professionals an edge but it also prepares individuals for academic roles in the field.  They have advanced research in the subject matter and can teach aspiring designers how to focus on making a place more functional without sacrificing the visual appeal.  Other than that, they can operate as lead designers or work in organizations as design managers. Top level jobs with handsome salary packages can be secured with this degree.
To apply for a doctoral program a person must possess a master’s degree in interior designing or in a relevant field of designing. The subjects for PHD in interior design can vary depending on the area of specialization. It can focus on residential or commercial designing.  For this program apart from the area of specialization the fundamental subjects may include the following:

  • Art and design
  • Research techniques
  • Designing principles
  • Interior designs systems
  • Space planning
  • Environment
  • Professional practices

A PHD interior design degree involves extensive research. Once these professionals complete the education and get in the practical field they draw impressive sums for their services and may even charge huge sums for consultation only.

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