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Certificate in Locksmithing

A certificate in locksmithing focuses on providing knowledge and skills on installing, repairing and adjusting a several types of locks.

The locksmithing certificate programs are offered by both campus based and online schools. This certificate shows that a person has attained the required knowledge and skills in the field. Employers prefer to hire certified locksmiths as they have the right credentials of their expertise and knowledge.

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Certificate in Locksmithing

The certificate courses in locksmithing provide students with a chance to learn various skills that would help them “break into this field.” Candidates learn how to apply quality systems, perform computations, interact with computing technology, and use power tools. Besides, they also get to know how to interpret technical drawing, plan and conduct detailed projects and make use of hand held tools.

Students may need to spend 6 months to 2 years to complete a locksmithing certificate. In addition to classroom-based learning, they also get a chance to gain hands-on training in locksmithing.

Program Coursework

A certificate program in locksmithing provides students instruction in a variety of topics that prepare candidates to work as a locksmith. The coursework may include instruction in topics such as automotive locksmithing, identification procedures, hardware systems and electronic security lock systems. Candidates may learn how to differentiate between residential and commercial locks, and manage lock mechanisms as well.

Online Certificate in Locksmithing

Candidates seeking a career in the locksmithing industry can also work towards a training program in online format. The program coursework is similar to the content in the traditional certificate programs in locksmiting but the method of delivery is not similar. Students in the online courses learn about access control, master key systems, operate handheld and power tools and heating and thermal cutting among other areas of study without being physically present in the classes. They use various learning technologies to study remotely.

The online certificates provide students with comprehensive training. Students learn how to open, adjust, install and repair a wide range of locks studying from their homes or any other location.

Career Prospects

According to statistics, jobs for these workers are expected to grow between 2012 and 2022 (O*Net).

There are about 9,100 projected job openings for locksmiths during 2012-2022 decade (O*Net). Most of these workers are self-employed while others work for scientific and research organizations. Some locksmiths are employed by hardware, plumbing, heating companies, schools and hospitals.

Graduates of a certificate in locksmithing may work as commercial locksmiths, maintenance locksmiths, security locksmiths, industrial locksmiths or residential locksmiths.According to the BLS, locksmiths earned a median wage of $37,950 a year in 2012.


After earning a certificate in locksmithing, candidates may need to obtain a license as a number of states require it.Students can get a license by passing a locksmithing exam. They can also get certification from ALOA, which can demonstrate their expertise in all aspects of locksmithing.

Locksmiths can also participate in seminars and workshops to stay updated with the latest developments in the field. Several technical and vocational schools offer workshops in the field of locksmithing.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What tasks do students learn to perform in a certificate in locksmithing?

A:In a certificate in locksmithing, students learn various tasks and procedures. They learn how to perform computations, apply principles of OHS, apply quality systems, interact with computing technology, interpret technical drawing, use power tools, plan and conduct detailed projects, specialize and work in teams, use hand held tools, maintain and service tools, and take engineering measurements.

Q:Is it important to get a locksmith license after earning a Locksmith Certification Online?

A:Yes, it is essential to obtain a locksmith license after acquiring locksmith education. It will be impossible to become locksmith without being licensed. For the license students must provide certain documents and information, and register themselves with the states locksmith board. Te procedure is essential in order to become a professional locksmith.

Q:A locksmithing certification program is designed to equip students with what skills?

A:A certifictae program in locksmithing is designed to equip students with professiohnal skills in this area. The program will enable students to learn how to differentiate between residential and commercial locks, apply electronic security to lock systems, manage lock mechanisms, key identifictaion procedures, assemble and dissemble locks, and manage panic hardware systems.

Q:How will a locksmith certificate help me in becoming a professional locksmith?

A:A Locksmith Certification will help you boost your career as a locksmith. The profession requires certified and licensed locksmiths. A certification signifies that a person has attained required skills and knowledge in the field. Businesses and employers prefer hiring certitfied professionals. Locksmith certifctaion is provided by the states locksmith board and can only be earned after clearing the locksmith training test.

Q:My search for online locksmith certification got me thinking about the responsibilities. What is the job description for this profession?

A:Responsibilities would come up when searching for online locksmith certification. Professionals with a locksmith qualification are required to install, repair and open locks. These professionals usually work locksmith shops and are required to make keys and locks for specific locations. Locksmiths are also sometimes required to advise people and organizations on the level of security required.

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