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Certificate in Interior Decorating

Interior decorators are responsible for choosing furnishings and accessories for different spaces. They may determine the theme, color and furnishing of offices, homes, hotels and other spaces and make them more functional and attractive. A number of certificate programs are offered in interior decorating that can prepare students for this line of work.

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Certificate in Interior Decorating

There are different certificate programs offered in the field of interior decoration. Some programs provide students with the basics of the field, from furniture selection and color to accessories and lighting. The basic certificate programs are also useful for those who want to start their own business in interior design. Students will learn how to develop color schemes and layouts, create beautiful rooms, and select furniture. Besides, they will also find out how to choose fabrics and flooring for appropriate settings. Those who are already in this field can work towards an advanced certificate program in interior decorating that builds on the theories and skills of the initial training in this field.

Besides, certificates are also available in sub-specialty areas within interior decorating. Color specialist certificate,professional home staging certificate and interior redesign specialist certificate are some of the programs students can enroll in to gain expertise within a particular interior decorating area.

Program Coursework

Students in the interior decorating certificate program may learn about space planning, lighting, drawing for interiors and historic styles. They may also get insight into interviewing clients in addition to learning about the current design trends in fabrics, furniture and color. Courses are also available in AutoCAD for interior decorators, kitchen and bath design and residential decorating.

Online Certificate in Interior Decorating

Online certificate program in interior decorating allow students to receive training at their home or office or while on the go. Students can complete a course in as little as 3 months. These programs are carefully designed and offer selected content providing a balance of theory and practical application. Curriculum may include topics such as the visual language of design, the history of style decoration and architecture, space planning and proportion and light and lighting. Students may learn about fabrics, window treatments and home textiles as well.

Students in the online certificate programs get access to modules and lessons on the web and involve in interactive online assignments. They also get feedback from instructors online.

Career Prospects

Employment of interior designers is projected to grow 13 % from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations, reported the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Interior decorators can possibly find jobs in architectural, engineering, and related services. They can also work with furniture and home furnishings stores, construction and specialized design services.
These professionals also need to travel in order to meet clients. As of 2012, the median annual wage for interior designers was $47,600 (BLS).
Interior designers who want to find better prospects should specialize in a particular area within this field such as kitchen design. Career prospects should be better in affluentareas, the BLS reported.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Name a few areas of study included in the curriculum of a Certificate In Interior Decorating?

A:A certificate in interior decorating comprises of a number of basic and advanced courses that provide students with all the skills needed in this field. Most common courses include history of furniture, interior design, the business of interior design, drawing and presentation, textiles in interior, color design, computer design applications, and many more.

Q:While searching for Interior Decorating certificate programs, I got to know about Color Rendering course. Can you tell me details?

A:It is very common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search like Interior Decorating certificate programs. Color Rendering course can be a part of many programs related to Interior Designing. In this course the students are taught about shadows and textures and color matches to be used in interior decoration.

Q:How to get interior decorating certification?

A:In order to get Interior Decorating Certification, you need to enroll yourself in an interior decoration course. It takes about one year to complete. However, students interested in completing in less than a year can get enrolled in the online program and complete it in as much time as they see fit. Interested students can get admission in the certificate program by browsing through our website.

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