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Certificate in Desktop Publishing

A certificate in desktop publishing provides students with the skills to use a wide range of software programs in order to design the layout of text and graphics for use in print and multimedia documentation. These courses can be useful for you if you want to pursue a career as a typographer, web designer or graphic designer.

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Certificate in Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing certificate programs generally last from 6 months to 1 year. The duration of the program may vary by the enrollment status of the students. These programs may instruct students in the basics of design and page layout, typographical elements, color, graphics and photo manipulation. Online programs are also available in this area of study. The ones who live too far or are too busy to attend traditional certificate courses can work towards online programs and earn vital credentials from their home or office.

Admissions Requirements

The requirements for admissions to a desktop publishing certificate may vary according to the school. Typically, students need to hold a high school diploma or GED. They may also have to provide letters of recommendation and appear for interview. Some programs may require candidates to show previous work experience. Students may also have to take a computer proficiency exam or a basic computing class.

Program Coursework

Students in a certificate in desktop publishing program will essentially become well versed in Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator as well as Adobe Dreamweaver. Students also get a chance to use Windows and Macintosh for desktop publishing. Some of the courses students may cover in the desktop publishing certificate are digital imaging, design fundamentals, typography, computer graphics, and web design. Besides, students may also get a chance to build a portfolio that would help them in increasing their career prospects.

Employment Opportunities

The employment of graphic designers in computer systems design and related services is projected to grow 35% from 2012 to 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statics reported. Similarly, job outlook for web developers looks positive with 20 % expected employment growth over the same period.

Students with a certificate in desktop publishing may find number entry level positionsin multimedia and print design and publication. They may become a typographer, graphic designer, pre-press technician and web designer. Other job titles include layout editor and electronic publishing specialist.

Job opportunities are available in computer systems design and related services, data processing, hosting, related services, and other information services as well as educational services.  Graphic designers can also look for work in newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers, advertising, public relations, and related services.

According to the BLS, the median annual wage for graphic designers in 2012 was $44,150 and the median annual wage for web developers was $62,500. The ones who want to avail better prospects should gain knowledge of multiple programming languages and digital multimedia tools.

Continuing Education

Candidates with a certificate in desktop publishing can pursue certification or degrees in a related field such as digital communications or graphic design. The advanced credentials can help students further increase their career prospects.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What will I learn during a desktop publishing degree?

A:A desktop publishing degree will give you a chance to make your career in the Information Technology sector as a designer or desktop publisher. This degree teaches you the art and science of desktop publishing. Desktop publishing consists of creating documents using the large number of desktop publishing tools available. After completing the degree, you will be able to create magazine, newspaper and website layout in addition to flyers, brochures and posters.

Q:What are the admission requirements for a certificate in desktop publishing?

A:There are two kinds of certificate programs in desktop publishing. The undergraduate certificate program requires a minimum completion of a high school diploma or an equivalent GED qualification. The graduate certificate program requires a minimum completion of a master's degree in a related field of study such as computer science, programming and information technology.

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