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Certificate in Cosmetology

Cosmetology programs focus on makeup, hairstyling, nail and skin care techniques. Several campus-based as well as online schools offer programs in this area of study. These programs may help candidates become makeup artists, hairdressers or cosmetologists. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for hairdressers and cosmetologists are anticipated to increase between 2012 and 2022. These programs help students get to know how to inspect hair, face, and scalp to recommend treatment and present options for hairstyles. They may also learn how to cut and style hair in addition to learning makeup techniques.

Cosmetology Programs
Students interested in learning makeup and hairstyling make work towards a degree or certificate in cosmetology. The associate degree generally takes 2 years to complete while the bachelor's degree can be completed in 4 years, depending on the enrollment status of the students. Students in these programs get a chance to focus their degree in a particular area within this field.

Cosmetology programs may cover courses in physiology, cosmetology lab, chemistry, fundamentals of cosmetology and hair styling. Classes are also available in sales and marketing among other disciplines. The ones who intend to setup their own salon may find management courses very useful.

Certificate in Cosmetology
Certificate programs are also available in cosmetology. Those who are already engaged in work and want to improve their knowledge in this area of study may work towards these short courses. These would help develop skills for career advancement. These programs provide students with competence-based knowledge, artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry.

Students can also work towards makeup courses, hair care courses or nail care courses. Salon management as well as facial courses are also available.

Online Cosmetology Programs
Online schools also offer degree and certificate programs in cosmetology. The distance learning programs provide students with the freedom to work towards a program without being physically present in the class. Students can pursue an online degree or certificate in cosmetology from any location and study at their own convenience. They can also complete an online program at their own pace.

Admissions Requirements
A high school diploma or GED is generally required to enroll in a cosmetology program. Students may also have to appear for interview, submit recommendation letters and statement of purpose. Other factors for admissions may vary by school or type of program.

Hairdressers and cosmetologists also require a license. The requirements for license vary with state. Generally, students need to graduate from a state-approved cosmetology program. To get a license, candidates may need to pass a written and an verbal test.

Career Prospects
Graduates of cosmetology degrees may become stylists, cosmetologists, makeup artists or salon managers. Some may opt to pursue a career as a color specialist or cosmetic salesperson. Some of these professionals are self- employed while others work in barbershops, beauty salons and related settings. Income is subject to location, experience and qualification. As of 2012, the median annual wage of cosmetologists was $22,700 (BLS).

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