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Certificate in Child Day Care

A certificate in child day care is geared towards providing students with the skills that would help them look after children in professional or home settings. Both traditional and online schools offer programs in this area and help learners grasp the essentials of caring for children in an effective manner. Earning a certificate in this field can be useful for those who want to find career opportunities that deal with formative years of children.

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Certificate in Child Day Care

A certificate in child day care generally lasts for 6 months. The enrollment status of the students may determine the program duration, that can be shorter or longer. Students will learn about the various stages of the physical and social development of children, as well early education techniques. Graduates may potentially become childcare center providers, preschool teachers or nannies.

Program Coursework

Students in the certificate program in child day care will cover various dealing with the mental development stages of children. They will also be instructed in the teaching and caring methods for each stage. Some of the topics may include child development, childhood nutrition, safety and first aid and child abuse recognition and reporting. Classes are also available in teaching young children, care center administration and communication. Some certificate programs may also provide students with hands-on training where students get a chance to learn under the supervision of experienced childcare workers.

Online Certificate in Child Day Care

In addition to schools, some online institutes also offer child day care certificate courses. The program content is same as in the traditional certificate programs in child day care, but the method of delivery is not similar. Unlike traditional certificate courses, students participate in online courses with the help of the internet and learning technologies.

The online certificate courses in child day care can be suitable for those who are already working and want to get into the field of child care. These programs allow students to study at their individual routines and from any location. Compared to the traditional certificate programs, the online courses are also more affordable as they save travel cost as well.

Career Prospects

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment of childcare workers is projected to grow 14% from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Parents will increasingly need the services of these workers during working hours.

As the demand for child care workers is expected to increase, earning a certificate in this area of study can help students qualify to become child care workers and find suitable opportunities. Many child care workers are self-employed while other work with schools, hospitals and other settings. These workers generally have to work long hours. According to the BLS, the median hourly wage for childcare workers in 2012 was $9.38.


Students who earn a child day care certificate may apply for the Child Development Associate certification. They can also work towards an associate or bachelor’s program and advance their knowledge in early childhood education that would help them qualify for senior-level positions.

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



Employment per thousand jobs

Location quotient

Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

California 16600.111.2618.1337720
Florida 11300.141.6817.9737370
Illinois 9600.161.9217.937240
Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What topics are covered in a certificate in child day care?

A:Students interested in pursuing a certificate in child day care will be required to attempt a number of topics. Some of the topics covered in this certification are child development, childhood nutrition, parent communication, care center administration, first aid and safety, child abuse identification and reporting. There is a huge demand for professionals with this qualification all over the United States. Interested students are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:What is the duration of the child care certificate?

A:Child Day Care Certificate program is typically of one year or less. However, interested candidates can take more or less than one year's duration depending on their preference. They can get enrolled in the online program and complete the certificate at a pace of their own without having to rush through the program to keep up with the speed of the course mates.

Q:My search on Child Care certification online led me to Parenting and the Young Child course. Can you tell me its details?

A:It is very common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search like Child Care certification online. In Parenting and the Young Child course the students get to study about the understanding of parent and child relationships, complications and development. Emphasis are laid on practical analysis.

Q:I wish to go for online child daycare certificate programs. Are they cheaper than regular programs?

A:Online child daycare certificate programs can be much more cost effective than the on campus programs. This is because, students do not have to spend extra money on travelling, textbooks, or hostel accommodation. In addition, tuition fees for online programs are usually less due to the inherent cost efficiency involved in an online setup.

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