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Certificate in Bridal Consulting

Bridal consultants are responsible for planning and managing weddings. They finalize the theme of a wedding, the budget, venue and other aspects keeping in view the requirements of the client. A number of certificate programs are available for aspiring bridal consultants as well as the existing planners who want to improve upon their skills. These courses provide students with instruction in various topics such as venues, budgets, contracts and floral design and prepare students to pursue a career as a bridal consultant.

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Certificate in Bridal Consulting

The certificate programs in bridal consulting are non-degree courses that can be useful for the ones who want a career in this field. The ones who are already working and want to earn additional credentials for career advancement can also benefit from bridal consulting certificates. These programs are offered by a number of technical and community colleges. Students can complete a certificate program in 10 weeks to two semesters depending on the type of courses and the enrollment status of the candidates.

These training programs provide students with insight into various aspects of wedding planning. Students learn about principles of marketing and hospitality management as well. Besides, the programs may provide instruction in designing events, developing social functions in addition to international tourism and hospitality information technology.

Online Certificate in Bridal Consulting

Students who want to get into the field of bridal consulting can gain the essential skills by enrolling in the online certificate program in this area of study as well. The online programs are self-paced and allow students to study at their individual routines. Bridal consultants seeking additional credentials canparticularlybenefit from the online certificate courses as they allow candidates to study without making major changes to their existing job tenure.

Instructors provide assignment on the web and students can participate in these programs with the help of online tools such as emails, video conferencing and more.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is all students need to enroll in a certificate program in bridal consulting. Some programs may require candidatesto have related work experience. They may also have to meet other admissions requirements that may vary by school.

Employment Opportunities

Employment of bridal consultants is expected to grow 33% from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

A career in bridal consulting can be quite challenging yet can potentially turn out to be a long-term one as well. Those who love to work with lots of people as well as the ones who have administrative and organizational skills can particularly enjoy this line of work. Bridal consultants are generally required to work full time. They often have to work long irregular hours which can be demanding too.

Earning a certificate in bridal consulting may allow students to have an edge in a competitive job market. Most bridal consultants are self-employed while others work with event or meeting planners for hotels. As of 2012, the median annual wage for meeting, convention, and event planners including bridal consultants was $45,810, according to the BLS.

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