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Associate in Administrative Assistant

A good administrative assistant is efficient, friendly and the sort of person who gets things done despite the odds. People with some level of related educational background show better performance than others. This is why more and more employers are now hiring individuals with formal training in secretarial sciences. An associate’s degree in Administrative Assistant Program is the most commonly taken route by many potential candidates.

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Entry into most associate level degree programs requires candidates to have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent, like GED. Other skills, desired but mostly not mandatory, include good interpersonal skills and the ability to understand and follow instructions properly.

Program Details

In this program, students will learn skills necessary to ensure effective running of an office. Some courses, among many others, that students may study in this program include:

  • Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting;
  • Typing;
  • Practical Data Processing;
  • Presentation Skills;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Desktop Publishing; and
  • Customer Service Practices.

Online Programs

Many universities and online colleges are also offering online associate degree programs focusing on administrative assistance. These are particularly helpful if you are already working in the field but feel you can benefit from some formal training. These programs may also be useful for people who have duties at home which may make attending college in person difficult. Online programs allow a lot of flexibility in terms of time and each student can choose what schedule suits them. Online programs are also relatively cheaper than on-campus studies because there are no associated costs such as commuting or of room and board.

Financial Aid

There are several federal and private programs that may provide financial aid to students enrolled in online associate degrees leading to a career as an administrative assistant. All students are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which calculates the amount of aid they can be eligible for. Federal aid is then based on each student’s FAFSA score. Other options include grants, scholarships and student loans.

Career Prospects

With growing integration of technology, the role of administrative assistants is also evolving. Now many people may be able to work from home and offer administrative support to offices across the country. A regular administrative assistant may earn around $40,000 annually. Medical and legal administrative assistants are comparatively better paid.


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