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Law Schools in Tennessee

Also known as “The Volunteer State”, Tennessee is located in the Southeastern region of the country. The state is famous for country music and smoky mountains. It is also home to several institutes of higher education that offer a wide array of programs for students with diverse goals. Those of you who would like to pursue a career in law can find a number of law schools in Tennessee to obtain the knowledge and skills required to step in this line of work.

Tennessee Law School

Lawyers work in corporate or private legal offices. Their job is to advise and represent individuals, businesses, or government agencies on legal matters. Becoming a lawyer calls for specialized knowledge and skills. The ones who want to practice this profession in the state of Tennessee need to enroll in the law schools in the state and obtain a license as well.

As Tennessee is home to some very good law schools in the nation, earning a degree in law can help you develop a legal acumen and acquire a set of skills required to excel in this profession.

A bachelor's degree is the minimum qualification to pursue a law degree. The GPA, courses and LSAT include some other factors that help students enroll in a program.

Types of Programs

The law schools in Tennessee offer the Juris Doctor degree as well as postgraduate programs such as the master's and Ph.D. programs. In these degree programs, students can choose from a variety of areas to specialize in a particular field of law. Some of the options are corporate law, criminal law, taxation law, international & comparative law, family law, information & communications law and public law and regulation.

Career Prospects for Lawyers

The employment of lawyers is predicted to grow by 10% by the end of this decade. The competition in this field is very strong because jobs are fewer compared to the number of students graduating from law schools each year. Earning a law degree from an accredited institute in Tennessee can certainly improve the job prospects for aspiring lawyers. They can find work with the government, law firms or financial companies. The salaries lawyers range from $54,000 to $166,000 a year.





Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the different degree programs offered by the law schools Tennessee?

A:The different degree programs offered by the law schools Tennessee include the Juris Doctor degree, which is a professional doctorate. Most law schools offer the traditional three year program but some schools also have accelerated degree programs. Other degrees awarded by law schools include Master of Laws (LL.M.) and Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D).

Q:What are some of the courses traditionally taught at Tennessee law schools?

A:You get a lot of options in the type of law program you want to choose from and the same is true for the courses that are taught. However, there are some courses that you will face irrespective of the type of law program you have selected. These courses are civil procedure, criminal law, property, constitutional law, torts and legal methods.

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