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Baking and Pastry Schools in Tennessee

Top Baking and Pastry Schools in Tennessee

If you want to join the dynamic field of baking and pastry arts in Tennessee then the good news is that you will find several state of the art Baking and Pastry Schools in Tennessee.

The Baking and Pastry Schools in Tennessee offer diploma, associate and bachelor level programs. For example, the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Tennessee offers a comprehensive associate of art degree and a diploma in baking and pastry. Students are taught the basics of baking and pastry making with focus on both Asian and American cuisine.


Baking is a well paying profession in the state of Tennessee. Hence, students graduating from the Baking and Pastry Schools in Tennessee could find jobs as bakers, cake decorators, pastry cooks, etc. With a bachelor or higher degree, graduates may start their own bakery or coffee shops.

1) The Art Institute of Tennessee - Nashville

The Baking & Pastry School at the Art Institute of Tennessee is the place to pursue one's passion for baking. The school gives the students a chance to explore the art of making desserts, including plating and decorating them. The school is filled with inspiring, talented and extremely creative students exploring and pushing their limits. There are two degrees offered at the Art Institute; Associate of Arts in Baking & Pastry and Diploma in Baking & Pastry. At this institute, students will get a chance to learn world famous cuisines, their ingredients, artisan bread, advanced patisserie, dessert plating and presentation, weight and measure and sanitation and safety as well as nutrition science.

Not only will students be exposed to an extensive culinary experience, but will also be given the opportunity to practice critical thinking, along with the learning of business basics like the tactics and rules of ordering food, supplies, etc.

2) Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts - Walters State Community College

Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts is one of the top culinary schools in Tennessee and was the first culinary institute in the state to obtain an accreditation with the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission. It is known for its 2100 square-foot kitchen that is used by students as a form of a demo kitchen, bake shop and dining room. The Institute offers an Associate's degree in Culinary Arts Baking and Pastries and also a University of Florida Baking and Pastries. Graduates of Rel Maples excel in baking and food service and are trained to enter the food industry and begin their career. The program allows students to get hands on experience and learn in the state of the art kitchen. The institute ensures to mold the student's passion into an art form and then transform it into a life-long career.

3) Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College Chattanooga, Tennessee

Accredited by the American Culinary Federation, Culinard is known for being the leader in culinary arts education. The school offers a Diploma in Culinary Arts and a Diploma in Baking and Pastry, which can be completed individually or together in just 15 months. At Culinard, it does not matter whether the student has been passionate about baking for years or if the discovery is recent, the school provides proper guidance to all kinds of students and trains them to enhance their skills to the very next level. It does not require a student to have experience before enrolling in the Pastry Arts Program. The school is a great choice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in baking and pastry, as the instructors share their insider industry experience with the students and train them with their extensive experience.  

Pastry chefs and bakers are either self-employed or employed in commercial kitchens.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graduates are not required to have previous work experience in baking since on the job training can be quite long and extensive when it comes to becoming a professional baker/pastry chef. There is an ever increasing demand for specialty baked goods and there are number of job opportunities available for bakers with years of experience. Which is why the employment of bakers is projected to grow by 8% from 2016-2026. According to the statistics provided by the BLS, the median annual wage for bakers was $25,690 in May 2017.

How long does it take to complete a baking and pastry school in Tennessee?

For aspiring baking and pastry professionals, there are several educational paths. These include short courses or diplomas that can take around 6 months to 1 year to complete, and undergraduate degrees like an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree, which take 2 years and 4 years respectively. Most schools would offer this as a minor with a major of Art.

What are the requirements to get into a baking and pastry school in Tennessee?

The requirements depend on what program you plan on enrolling into. For instance, if you are going for a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, you will need at least a high school diploma, along with the completion of some basic baking and pastry making courses. During the course of your degree, you will learn to successfully run kitchens, purchasing, cost control, nutrition and sanitation. You will also be taught the art of cake decorating and flavor mixing.

How much can I earn after completing a baking and pastry school in Tennessee?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for Bakers in Tennessee in 2018 was $26,610. The national mean annual wage for this occupation category was $28,660.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What degree programs are offered at Baking and Pastry schools in TN?

A:The state of Tennessee has a number of accredited baking schools in major cities. These baking schools offer degree programs to students who aspire to become professional baking artists and pastry chefs. Degree programs offered at baking schools in TN are: Associate's degree in Baking and Pastry, Bachelor’s degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, Master’s degree in Baking and Pastry Making, and baking certificate programs and diplomas.

Q:Name the highest ranked baking and pastry schools in Tennessee?

A:The state of Tennessee has a number of popular baking and pastry schools in many cities. These schools offer various degree programs in the field of baking and pastry making. Top schools include: University of Tennessee, Nashville State Technical Community College, Belmont University, Carson Newman College, and Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Q:There aren't many good Baking or Pastry Schools in Tennessee, how do I get my education in Baking or Pastry?

A:If you are looking to get an education in baking or pastry and you live in the Tennessee area, you do not need to find baking or pastry schools in Tennessee to do so. You can easily enroll into an online program that will let you complete your baking and pastry education from wherever you are located. Online courses do not require you to travel to a central location and let you complete your education from the comfort of your own home.

Q:What is the ingredient chemistry course at the Tennessee pastry schools?

A:The Tennessee pastry schools offer an ingredient chemistry course that specializes students in understanding the chemical aspects of different ingredients. This includes understanding the combinations that can fit in well together. It also includes the understanding of what happens to ingredients when they are overheated, so that the level of getting void is understood for the ingredients. For any baker or chef it is essential to understand the limits when playing with ingredients and Ingredient Chemistry aims to fill you in that department.

Q:What kind of degrees can I find at Pastry colleges in Tennessee?

A:Pastry colleges in Tennessee will offer various levels of education in the field of culinary arts. These degrees start with short courses like certifications or diplomas that take anywhere between 6 months to a year to complete while other degrees include 2 year associate's degrees, 3-4 year bachelor's degrees and 1-2 year master's degrees.

Q:What will I learn in cakes schools in TN?

A:Students enrolling in cakes schools in TN will have a comprehensive curriculum in the program. Some of the subjects covered are cake design, wedding cake decoration, European cakes, sugar confectionery, artistry and retail baking management. These subjects will cover every aspect from cake baking to design and decorations. Prospective students are advised to search our website for a list of institutions offering this program.

Q:While I was reading about baking and pastry arts schools in Tennessee, I came across the course option of bakery and restaurant management, what is this?

A:A bakery/restaurant management course is generally a specialization course offered in bakery degree programs. This course gives students an in depth understanding of management principles and how they can be efficiently used in setting up a bakery or running a bakery. The courses cover business administration areas and focuses on management techniques of firms rather than just baking.

Q:Can you name a few areas of specialization offered at Culinary Arts Schools In Tennessee?

A:Culinary Arts Schools in Tennessee offer students an opportunity to acquire degree programs in this area. Students can choose from a range of areas offered for specialization, these include the following: culinary arts, culinary management, hospitality management, restaurant management, baking and pastry arts. Culinary arts degree programs are also being offered online.

Q:What if I can't find any cooking schools in Tennessee near my location? What are my options?

A:If students can't find any cooking schools in Tennessee near their location, they can look into distance learning programs. Online programs are specifically designed to help students study at their own pace and convenience. The curriculum for these courses is quite extensive with every topic discussed in detail. Moreover, students can save money on travel and accommodation with the help of these courses.

Q:What would be my future prospects if I do my Bachelors in baking and pastry arts?

A:Baking and culinary schools prepare student for highly rewarding and dynamic careers in the culinary field. Students who have done their Bachelors or Masters in this field, can end up anywhere from opening their own restaurants or bakeries or heading these areas in high profile hotels, restaurants or such. In any case this program opens up a very lucrative and rewarding career.

Q:I want to enroll in Bakery Schools In Tennessee and complete my education, but I am also working currently and cannot quite my job. Is it possible to complete my education online?

A:Yes you can enroll in online bakery schools and pursue your dream of completing higher education. Online degree programs are a convenient mode of acquiring qualifications without having to quit your job. You can study from your home at convenient times that best suit your busy schedule. On the other hand, online education will also save on costs.

Q:What do the baking schools in Tennessee offer?

A:There are number of baking schools in Tennessee that offer varied courses and degree programs. You can find courses that give you fundamentals of baking that are usually for beginners and can also check professional programs for baking chefs. The subjects vary according to the nature of the program being offered.

Q:I have just completed high school education and want to enroll in a baking school in TN. Is this possible?

A:Yes, you can enroll in a baking school in TN. You can qualify for a bachelor level program or any other undergraduate course in baking. Baking schools offer a wide range of programs to students interested in becoming a professional baker. However, the admission requirements will vary from school to school. You can search online and find a school that fits your academic needs as well as you budget.

Q:I am looking to join a bakery and pastry school ten. What skills can I expect to learn?

A:At the bakery and pastry school ten, you can expect to learn diverse skills that will help you thrive in your career. Apart from the baking and pastry techniques, the baking schools can give you many additional skills. These skills include kitchen stock management, supervision skills, time management, ingredient selection, communication, and interpersonal skills. The focus of the baking and pastry programs is to enable students to acquire both the technical and the soft skills associated with the baking career.

Q:Pastry schools in Tennessee offer what courses?

A:Pastry schools in Tennessee have been set up offer education in the field of baking and cooking. Individuals who wish to become professional pastry artists and bakers need to acquire the right skills and higher education. Pastry degree programs are offered at all levels ranging from bachelor degree programs to certifications.

Q:I am trying to get into a good baking and pastry institute in Tennessee. What will be the admission requirements?

A:The admission requirements will vary from school to school. You must however complete your high school education to qualify for admission. If you are enrolling in a masters-level degree, you will need to have a bachelor degree in the same or a similar field. Apart from this, other requirements include minimum CGPA and a letter of recommendation.

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