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Psychology Colleges in New York

Known as a center of finance and culture, New York is a U.S state. It is home to several colleges and schools that offer programs in various disciplines. If you want to become a psychologist, you can find a number of schools in New York that offer programs in this area. The career outlook for psychologists is good, with 22% expected employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rising demand for psychologists in hospitals, schools, mental health centers, and related settings are some of the factors leading to this employment growth. If you want to do work that can potentially be fulfilling and satisfying, a career in psychology can be suitable for you.

What Psychologists Do

Psychologists conduct scientific studies to study behavior and brain function. They also collect information through observations, interviews and other methods and find patterns that helps them predict behaviors. These professionals develop programs to improve schools and workplaces and address psychological issues. In addition, identifying and diagnosing mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders and developing treatment plans are also the responsibilities of psychologists.

Psychology Colleges in New York

A number schools in New York offer programs in psychology. Students in these programs learn about the intricacies of the human behavior and find out how to treat mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders. The psychology schools offer various degrees such as undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs that help students prepare for careers in schools, health facilities, and the government.

Types of Programs

The New York’s psychology schools offer programs in most areas within this field such as alcohol and substance abuse, mental health counseling and clinical psychology. Degrees are also available in general psychology and cognitive neuroscience. In addition to classroom-based lessons, students are also required to complete field work as a part of a psychology program.

Students in the psychology schools in New York get a chance to benefit from the instruction of some of the most experienced instructors. Opportunities including fieldwork placement and independent studies help students in these schools work closely with faculty on projects that examine cognitive, clinical, developmental, and educational influences on behavior.

Career Outlook

The employment for psychologists is anticipated to grow faster than the average for all occupations. Students who want to avail better prospects should earn a doctoral degree in an applied specialty, such as clinical, counseling, and school psychology.

Psychologists can possibly find jobs in various setting such as clinics, schools, and hospitals. These professionals can also potentially work towards building their own practice. The BLS reports that psychologists made an annual median wage of $68,640 a year in May 2010. Compensation is subject to the area of specialty, location and experience.

Finding a School

There are various schools in New York that offer programs in psychology. You should look for the schools with a good reputation and overall ranking. It is also important to verify the accreditation of a school before opting to enroll in a related program.


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