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Get New York State Nursing License After Completing An Online Degree

New York is the 3rd most populous state of the US, best known for its variety of tourist attractions such as numerous museums, parks, historic sites, shopping, dining and much more. Banking and finance are the state's major sectors. It is home to the head offices of several of the worlds' biggest corporations. The state also has a number of well-reputed colleges and universities that offer a variety of programs for students with diverse goals.

Nursing Schools in New York
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.6 million nurses are part of the clinical healthcare industry in the US, making them the nation's largest workforce. As the employment opportunities are plentiful, pursuing a nursing program can lead students to highly regarding jobs in various healthcare settings.

New York has a number of nursing schools that provide various degree programs for aspiring nurses. They offer both traditional and online programs. They are well-recognized for their outstanding faculty and modern learning methodologies. The excellence of these schools makes New York one of the best places to pursue an education in nursing.

Types of Programs
Aspiring nursing in New York can pursue an associate degree in nursing. Depending on their personal goals, they can also enroll in a bachelor's of science in nursing. In addition to regular classes, some schools also offer weekend programs. Master's degrees as well as Ph.D. programs are also available.

In addition to classroom instruction, students in these programs are also required to complete internship programs where they are exposed to clinical settings. Students can also opt for certificate or diplomas in this field of nursing.

Finding a School
Though there are several nursing schools in New York, students must look for the best option as it is important to find the best jobs in the field. They should explore all their options and do a cross-comparison in order to pick the best school. It is also vital to find out the general reputation as well as the accreditation of a program. In addition, they should also explore the type of programs these schools offer, their fee structures and specializations.

How much do nurses make in New York

how much do nurses make in New York
Source: O*NET OnLine

Registered nurses in New York in 2013 earned a median annual salary of $74.400 or $35.75 per hour. RNs nationally earned a median annual income of $66.220 or $31.84 per hour, in 2013.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are some of the things that I should consider before applying to schools of nursing in New York?

A:Firstly you have to verify the accreditation of the nursing program that you are thinking of gaining admittance in. This can be done via the respective website of the state board of nursing. Others aspects to take into account include entry requirements, duration of the program, deadlines for application, financial aid, any state level or federal scholarship programs as well as whether there are any online options to help you save time and money.

Q:What sorts of programs are offered by nursing schools in new york?

A:Nursing schools in New York provide a wide variety of nursing programs for students who wish to complete challenging curriculum. These programs include associate's degree in nursing, bachelor's degree in nursing, master's degree in nursing and doctoral programs in nursing. In addition to theoretical coursework, these programs include practical classes and internships, to give the students a real-world perspective.

Q:How to become nurse in New York?

A:To become a registered nurse in New York, candidates need to complete an accredited nursing program from a recognized educational institution. This program can be an associate degree in nursing (ADN), a bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN) or a diploma from a certified nursing program. Once the degree is complete, aspirants must register with the New York Board of Nursing State CE. A nursing license can be obtained after passing the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination).

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