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Nursing Schools in Long Island

A prominent island in the state of New York, Long Island is home to a number of institutes for higher education that offer numerous learning opportunities for students coming from diverse backgrounds. The area also boasts many nursing schools that offer a variety of training programs for aspiring nurses. The Nursing and Allied Healthcare report (2013) indicates that demand for nurses across New York is likely to grow in the coming years as a result of the aging health care workforce and aging population as well as new health care reform.

Nursing Schools on Long Island

Just like other areas in New York, there are numerous schools that offer nursing education and prepare students for the nursing workforce, which is one of the most important healthcare occupations. Offering nursing care to patients in different settings, nurses act as the backbone of the healthcare system. They work at entry level as well as in senior level positions in hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, and related settings. The roles and responsibilities of these healthcare workers vary by the title they hold. For example, registered nurses (RN) provide basic nursing care to patients, offer medical advice, and educate the public about different healthcare conditions. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs), on the other hand, assist RNs in looking after the patients and carrying out different duties.

A variety of educational paths are open for students on Long Island who are seeking a career in nursing. They may pursue undergraduate programs or graduate degrees such as master’s degrees or PhDs. Certificate programs are also offered in nursing for those who already hold a degree in the field and seek additional knowledge and skills for career improvement.

In addition to completing approved training programs, nurses on Long Island need to obtain a license to practice.

What courses will I study?

Ranging from nutrition to family health, students in the nursing programs get instruction in a variety of topics that enables them to explore various aspects of nursing care and find out about safe healthcare practices. Some of the topics of study may include:

  • Health assessment
  • Community health
  • Leadership in nursing
  • Anatomy
  • Healthcare management

What about financial aid?

Students who are interested in a nursing education on Long Island may apply for financial aid to finance their studies. Grants, scholarships, and students loans are some of funds eligible students may apply for and get financing for their tuition, fees, and related expenses. Some of the options may include:

  • Patrick Charnon Memorial Scholarship
  • Alvin J. Cox Memorial Fund
  • The Air Force Nursing Scholarship
  • Pell Grants
  • Federal student loans

What are the opportunities for Long Island nurses?

In 2012, there were about 178,470 registered nurses in New York, and the state is expected to require 5,630 RNs a year between 2012 and 2022, which shows over a 13% change, according to the information from O*Net OnLine. O*Net OnLine data also shows that demand for LPNs in New York is also likely grow during the same timeline.

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