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Business Schools in New York

Located in the Northeastern region of the U.S, New York is the 3rd most populous state in the country. Moreover, it publishes more magazines, books and newspapers than any other state. NY is well-known for its thriving business environment and was the largest economy in America during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Banking and finance are the major industries of the state. A number of the world's leading corporations have their offices here.

Business schools in New York
New York has scores of businesses and industries. Consequently, it has a large number of business schools, preparing students for the dynamic and challenging marketplace of today. Students who want to be a part of the banking or the finance sectors can enroll in the business schools in NY. As the state is the nation's financial capital, pursuing business programs can help students find great jobs with good growth opportunities. Business degrees can also help students find employment opportunities in other business related fields and secure a promising future.

New York business schools have exceptional faculty with impressive industry experience. They are also well-recognized for their beautiful campuses that provide a learning conducive environment for students from diverse backgrounds and having different educational and professional goals.

Types of Programs
A wide variety of programs are offered at business schools in New York. These include bachelor as well MBA programs as well as Ph.D. degrees. Other than regular degrees, students can enroll in one-year master's program or part-time programs designed for executives. Programs in global management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and human resources are also available. Other options include degrees in accounting, project management and six sigma. Certificate programs are also available in business studies.

Some of the courses of study students will cover in these business degrees and certificates are marketing research, pricing, advertising strategies, financial accounting, marketing and business law. The curriculum is determined by the type of program and degree level.

Employment Opportunities
Career prospects for business graduates are very positive. This is why pursuing business programs in NY can help students find exciting jobs. Business professionals can work as HR trainers, marketing managers, advertising agents, finance managers, consultants or project managers. They can make between $32,000 and $96,000 a year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How do I get into any of the top business schools New York?

A:To get into the top business schools New York, you will require some planning and preparation in advance. You will need an excellent academic performance, high GMAT score, a well written personal essay, and the recommendation letters from the people who know you well. Business schools also take interviews to check the aptitude and interest of students, so you also need to be well prepared for the interview and be sure about your career goals.

Q:How are the Best Business School Rankings decided?

A:The best business school rankings are based on several factors. The major factors in the ranking include standardized test scores of students, average salary of recent graduates, survey results based on graduates and recruiters, and the number of top companies recruiting the graduates of a particular business school. The rankings of business schools vary according to the different methods used. The focus of rankings could be on recent experience of graduates, long term success of graduates and experience of employers.

Q:Are the top business schools in New York affordable for me?

A:The costs of attending one of the best business schools in New York will basically depend upon the school you choose. Each institute has its own tuition fee and costs. You may have to pay for the program, textbooks, accommodation, and travelling. It is also possible to apply for financial aid assistance. On the other hand, online business degrees have proved to be more affordable as compared to campus-based degrees.

Q:Will any business school in New York accept my application for enrollment?

A:New York is home to many renowned schools specializing in business education. The admission criteria will vary from school to school. You must have at least a 2.5 CGPA to qualify for enrollment. Other admission requirements may include letters of recommendation. For graduate level program admissions, applicants must submit the official transcript of their bachelor degree.

Q:What are the main post-graduate programs offered by business schools in New York?

A:Business schools in New York offer a wide variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programs. The undergraduate programs are typically four years long while the post-graduate programs usually take two years to complete. Some of the main post-graduate programs offered include full-time and part-time MBA, Executive MBA, MS in Global Finance, MS in Business Analytics and MS in Risk Management.

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