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Art Schools in New York

New York is the 3rd most populous US state. It is home to several museums, parks and historic sites. The state also offers extensive shopping and dining opportunities. The leading commercial sectors of New York are banking and finance. There are various prominent schools in the state that offer a range of degrees and certificate programs for students with diverse educational goals. New York has several art schools as well, which are well-known for their degree programs that introduce students to various related concepts, thus improving their prospects of having careers in the arts.

If your mind is inclined towards artistic ideas and you feel you have a creative imagination, you can enhance your talents and instincts by enrolling in the art programs. Careers in related fields can potentially have good growth opportunities as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects average or above average employment growth for various art related professionals such as web developers and graphic designers. For example, jobs for web developers are expected to grow by 22% between 2010 and 2020. U.S News and World Report has stated being a web developer as one of The Best Jobs of 2013. In a similar way, the employment of graphic designers is expected to grow by 13%, about as fast as the average for all occupations. 

Art Schools in New York

The art schools in New York facilitate students in acquiring the knowledge and skills that are required for careers in art-related fields. They offer a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs, such as the bachelor of fine arts, Bachelor of Arts and the master of fine arts. These schools have experienced faculty that helps students in achieving their educational goals by providing them with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. By enrolling in art programs in New York, students can hone their skills by benefitting from learning opportunities and potentially pursue challenging careers in a variety of artistic fields.

Types of Programs

New York’s art schools offer programs in fine arts, graphic design, photography and film. Some also offer programs in animation, computer art, and illustration.

The art degree programs offer instruction in color, design and other areas of study. Students can pursue courses in designing in 3D, interactive media, advertising design, video and animation production. Classes are also offered in script development and film production, digital animation, game design and modeling.

Employment Opportunities

Degrees in art can help students possibly find work in various associated fields such as advertising, motion picture and video industries, public relations, radio and television broadcasting. Salaries vary by job type, specialization, location and experience. According to the BLS, multimedia artists have a median  income of $61,370 a year while web developers earn a median wage of $62,500 on an annual basis as of May 2012.

Finding a School

Choosing the right degree program can significantly increase your chances of having a stable career. So it is important to pursue the best programs in the arts. You must explore all your options and do comparisons between them so that you are able to enroll in a school that can help you hone your skills in the best possible manner and give you an edge in a competitive job market.




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