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There are plenty of traditional colleges in Nevada dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and skills in several in-demand concentrations. These schools offer undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in a number of areas. Besides, they also extend diplomas and certificate courses for those who want to enter a field at a fast pace. The best schools in the state have a variety of student services including health insurance, day care, security services and health service as well. Students can also benefit from clubs, organizations, fraternities, and cultural organizations at the Nevada colleges.

Programs of Study at Nevada Schools

Schools in Nevada offer programs in almost all areas of study. Students can enroll in program at the associate to PhD level.  They can work towards a degree in nursing, engineering, business, culinary arts, education or technology. Other popular majors include psychology, ski business and resort management, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary studies. Business, management, engineering, marketing, social sciences, biological and biomedical sciences programs are also offered in Nevada schools.

Each academic program provides students with hands-on learning opportunities such as service learning, internships and scientific field work. Students may also get a chance to participate in business plan competitions and research under faculty mentorship.

Vocational Colleges in Nevada

There are several vocational colleges in the state of Nevada as well. These schools provide students with hands-on training that may lead to opportunities in accounting, medical billing, dental assisting, cosmetology and culinary arts.Students can also work towards professional certificate programs or associate degrees and acquire skills in a particular field such as medical assisting, massage therapy, physical fitness, nursing, drafting or pc repair.

Student Activities

In addition to quality academic programs, the schools in Nevada also offer a range of student activities. Students are encouraged to participate in several activities on- campus and outdoors. On-campus activities include poetry competitions, student clubs that revolve around whatever interests students, from hobbies to sports to politics. Students may also find a number of other activities on campus to display their talents. The schools in Nevada also offers outdoor fun in the form of adventure programs, surf trips, kayaking and bike tours.

Online Schools in Nevada

Some of the postsecondary institutes in the state also offer degrees and certificates in online format. Students can work towards the online certificate programs, or online associate, bachelor’s or masters programs. Besides, they can participate in professional programs and doctoral programs as well. Video game design, nursing, International business, psychology and construction management are examples of subjects offered at the online schools in Nevada. Instructors in the online programs stay connected with students via email, phone and fax. Students also benefit from tech 24-hr support.

Financial Aid

The colleges in Nevada offer financial assistance in order to help students benefit from their learning opportunities regardless of their financial status. Students can apply for funds in the form of scholarships, grants or work study. Student loans and fellowship programs are also available.

Some of these awards are based on need while others are merit-based. To apply for financial aid programs at the Nevada schools, students are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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