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Photography Programs in Michigan

Michigan is known for its beautiful scenery, majestic lakes, amazing food, hidden gems and friendly population. The state offers many things that would make people want to live here. Whether you live here permanently or temporarily, the state will certainly leave a mark on you.

If you are looking for a photography program in Michigan, you certainly will not regret having lived in this beautiful state. Students in Michigan can take photography courses in one of the several private and public colleges and universities. Courses are likely to teach students about the various photography formats, techniques and compositions etc.

Find out all you need to know about photography programs in Michigan in the guide below, including information on the top photography schools in Michigan, career paths, course structure and admission requirements.

Top Photography Programs in Michigan

Various institutes in Michigan offer programs in photography. Let’s take a look at some of the best photography programs in the state.

Andrews University

Andrews University offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, with options to major in commercial or fine art photography. Both majors would require the creation of a portfolio and completion of certain courses in studio and color photography. The commercial photography specialization is ideal for students who intend to open up their business after graduating, while the fine art concentration is best suited for those who plan to work as professional artists.

Aquinas College

Located in Grand Rapids, Aquinas College offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Courses included are foundational studio art, history of art and photography. Students enrolled in this program are required to compile a portfolio and complete a final thesis display before graduation.

College for Creative Studies

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit offers a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography where students are taught courses in liberal and studio arts. Other courses completed in this degree include digital imaging, studio lighting, composition, black and white photography and fine art concepts in photography. Students are also required to complete elective courses and a thesis project to graduate.

What Can You Do after Completing a Photography Program in Michigan?

After completing a photography program, students can get into a variety of photography specializations. This includes options such as commercial and advertising photographer, corporate photographer, fashion photographer, wedding photographer or fine art photographer.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on the career of a photographer as a whole. Let’s take a quick look at this career.

Annual Median Salary, 2019


Job Outlook, 2018-2028


Annual Mean Salary, 2019


Employment Level in Michigan, 2019


 Salary in Michigan, 2019


How to Choose a Photography Program in Michigan?

When looking for a photography program in Michigan, students are advised to consider several factors. These include the cost and fee structure of the program, financial aid options, length of the program, job placements, notable alumni and admission requirements.

Another important factor to consider includes the accreditation of a program. Potential accrediting agencies include the Higher Learning Commission or any photography or art-related agency.

What to Expect in a Photography Program in Michigan?

Photography programs in Michigan would teach students a variety of topics including knowledge on digital cameras, art history, photojournalism, 3-dimensional design and 2-dimesional design. Students are also taught subjects such as lighting, camera use, camera and related equipment maintenance, image composition, history of art and photography.

The course structure would typically vary with the level of degree. For instance, a bachelor of fine art in photography would have different courses than a certificate program in photography or an associate’s degree in photography.

Admission Requirements for Photography Programs in Michigan

In order to get admission in a photography program in Michigan, students will need to fulfill certain criteria. These include prerequisite coursework, minimum GPA requirements, experience requirements, a high school diploma and so on. The exact admission requirements would vary according to the school and program you are applying to. Therefore, it is recommended that you check with the universities’ websites where you plan on applying.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you please assist me as to what is taught in the Achieving Photographic Excellence course of the Photography degrees in Michigan?

A:The Photography degrees in Michigan do have an initial level course on Achieving Photographic Excellence. This is more like an orientation course, worth 2 credits. The major of this course is to sharpen up the skills that may be required to achieve maximum understanding and comprehension of using a camera and take professional looking pictures in apt manner.

Q:What does The Nature of Light course taught in Michigan colleges Photography degree include?

A:I guess you meant Michigan colleges offering Photography degree instead of Michigan colleges Photography degree. The Nature of Light is among the most essential as well as major courses of the program. In this program the students are given an in depth knowledge of lightning effects and its influence on photography.

Q:Course on color lab techniques was mentioned with digital photography school in Michigan. What is the premise of this course?

A:Course on color lab techniques is an essential part of the curriculum at digital photography school in Michigan. This course is an introduction to practical and creative application theory. Topics covered in this are processes, corrections, color materials, traditional and digital lab procedures and creativity involved in photography. With the media industry expanding all over the world, there is huge potential for student interested in this course.

Q:I came across the visual communication course offered by photography programs in Michigan. Can you give me its details?

A:The visual communications course offered by photography programs in Michigan enables students to learn about communicating messages, emotions, and ideas with the use of images and words. Students also gain expertise in design, interactivity, computer illustration, and photography. Visual communications course emphasizes on both the technical as well as the aesthetic aspect of design

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