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Nursing Schools in Idaho

Also known as the “Gem State”, Idaho is the 39th most populous state in the U.S. Its largest city and capital is Boise. Idaho students who are interested in exploring the field of nursing can find a number of nursing schools in the state. Healthcare is one of the most prominent sectors in Idaho. The Idaho Department of Labor’s 2010-2020 forecast for the hottest jobs in the state shows that 6 out of the top 10 are in health care. According to the Idaho Department of Labor, demand for registered nurses in the state is also likely to grow over 40% between 2010 and 2020.

Nursing schools in Idaho are therefore experiencing a higher enrollment rate in recent years.  Dedicated to preparing students for the challenges of the nursing sector in the state, nursing schools in Idaho offer a range of learning opportunities, allowing students to equip themselves with the skills employers seek within professional nurses.

Nursing Schools in Idaho

Offering a variety of nursing programs on campus, online and in hybrid formats, the nursing schools in Idaho enable students to take an educational path that suits their professional goals. With undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas and more, students can choose from a number of learning options and acquire skills essential to taking the nursing license exam.

Undergraduate nursing programs such as the associate and bachelor degrees are suitable for students who wish to apply for registered nurse (RN) positions. RNs are entry-level nurses who offer nursing care to patients and also guide them and their families about various healthcare issues. Graduate degrees in nursing, on the other hand, are designed for students who want to specialize in a particular area in nursing or those who seek to serve a specific group. These programs may also be suitable for those who want to get into the field of consulting, research or teaching.

Nursing schools in Idaho also offer LPN (licensed practical nursing) programs. LPNs are licensed nurses who work under the supervision of RNs and make sure patients get safe nursing care. Both RNs and LPNs in Idaho need to be licensed.

Can I get financial aid?

Nursing students in Idaho who cannot pay for their education on their own can apply for financial aid. Only those who qualify may be awarded a financial aid package consisting of grants, loans and/or scholarships such as:

  • Idaho Legion Auxiliary Nurses Scholarship
  • Iwo Jima Scholarship
  • Lazy K-Five Ranch Scholarship
  • Pell Grants
  • Federal student loans

What are the opportunities for graduates?

Nurses generally work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing homes and related settings. Idaho has a number of employment opportunities for registered nurses. Demand for the LPNs in the state is also expected to grow considerably between 2012 and 2022.

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