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Schools in Idaho

Idaho is home to a number of colleges and universities spread across the state with location including Boise, Meridian and Nampa. These schools offer a variety of academic programs ranging from healthcare to business and engineering to education. In addition to developing the skills of students and providing them with sufficient academic learning opportunities, the colleges in the state of Idaho are also recognized for their beautiful campuses, diverse student bodies, clubs, organizations and a wide range of services and facilities. Students get a chance to indulge in sports, performing arts, exhibitions and lots of other enriching cultural and entertainment activities on campus and outdoor recreational opportunitiesas well.

Programs of Study

Colleges in Idaho offer degrees from the associate to doctoral levels. Some of the popular majors offered at these schools are business, management, marketing, psychology, visual and performing arts, social sciences and health professions. Programs are also available in business administration, criminal justice, human services and information technology. Students are also provided with research opportunities in several areas of study including energy, health professions, teaching, nuclear research, engineering, technology, biological sciences pharmacy as well as business.

Trade Schools in Idaho

Students interested in a career in a particular field such as cosmetology, pharmacy technician, medical assistant, massage therapy or legal administration can enroll in the trade schools in Idaho. Trade schools are also known as career schools, and are geared towards providing skills to students in specific careers. In addition to classroom-based learning, these schools also offer hands-on training to prepare students for the real-world challenges. Both certificates as well as degree are offered at these schools. Students can work towards programs such as administrative medical assistant, dental assistant, office administration and pharmacy technician among other areas of study.

Online Colleges in Idaho

The colleges and universities in Idaho also offer online learning opportunities. Students can work towards online degrees or certificates in several subjects ranging from accounting, culinary arts to nursing. These programs are offered using state-of-the-art technology. Students can work towards the online degrees using software programs that provide real-time virtual classroom environments. The online courses allow candidates to participate in live discussions and interaction among students and instructors.

Online programs are available in several areas of study including engineering, business, psychology, education, management, writing, graphic design, web development, languages and more. Working professionals can particularly benefit from this mode of learning as it allows them to keep up with their professional commitments while upgrading their skills or enhancing their knowledge of the industry for career enhancement.

Financial Aid

Almost all schools in Idaho offer financial assistance in one form or the other. Students can apply for loans such as Perkins Loans, Federal Graduate PLUS Loans or Federal Parent PLUS Loans or avail grants including Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. Scholarships and work-study programs are also available to help students afford an Idaho education. To apply for financial aid, students need to file the FAFSA application and meet the eligibility requirements that vary by type of aid program.

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