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Culinary Schools in Atlanta

Known as the top business city of the US, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia.  The city is home to a large, ethnically diverse population that has established their genuine restaurants including Chinese, Indian, Russian, and Korean. Thus, the food industry in Atlanta has progressed greatly over the past few years, making Atlanta a refined restaurant town that boasts renowned fast food chains and the largest drive-in restaurant.  Atlanta offers valuable higher educational opportunities through more than 30 universities and colleges of higher education.

Culinary Schools in Atlanta provide the aspiring chefs, cooks, and bakers with ideal educational opportunities to become a part of the growing food industry.  The Art Institute of Atlanta, Culinary Arts is a leading Culinary School in Atlanta that offers the following programs:

  • Culinary Arts-Diploma
  • Culinary Arts - Associate in Arts
  • Culinary Arts Management-Bachelors of Science

The 2 years associate and 4 years bachelors programs of this institute are recognized by the American Culinary Federation Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFFAC). Upon completion of these programs, students earn the credentials of Certified Pastry Culinarian or Certified Culinarian right away.

Most Culinary Colleges in Atlanta emphasize on imparting practical knowledge about basic culinary principles, beverage management, cost control and kitchen management.  Students with a diploma or associate degree can enter the field as prep cooks, assistant chefs, or baking trainees. An advanced level degree such as the bachelor or master of culinary arts can enable the professionals to serve as kitchen managers or catering managers.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the program outline for an AOS degree in culinary schools in Atlanta?

A:The program outline for an AOS degree in culinary schools in Atlanta is quite extensive and aims to prepare students in every aspect of the discipline. Some of the courses included in this degree are Baking Pastry Techniques, Baking Ingredients and Equipment Technology, Beverages and Customer Services, Café Operations, Confectionary Art and Special Occasion Cakes and Contemporary Restaurant Cooking and Service.

Q:Why is it important to go for accredited culinary colleges?

A:Accredited culinary colleges can make a lot of difference in the quality of education you receive and your career as well. Accredited culinary programs meet the standards set by the relevant accrediting agencies, so you can be confident about the curriculum and method of instruction as well. Employers also prefer graduates from accredited programs.

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