Medical Coding and Billing Programs in Miami


The city of Miami is home to numerous medical schools and healthcare educational institutions. Medical coding and billing is a growing branch of healthcare. More and more individuals are now turning towards this healthcare profession. Specialized qualification is required in order to become a medical biller or coder. Medical coding and billing programs in Miami are offered by a number of institutions.

Medical Billing and Coding Degrees

Medical coding and billing programs in Miami offer short courses that provide professional training in this field. The programs consist of a number of important study areas and courses. The basic objective is to train students in issues related to the management and resolution of various medical claims. Students learn how to assist patients and other healthcare personnel in the management of financial paperwork.

A diploma of medical coding and billing specialist in Miami takes only a few months to complete but equips you with the skills and knowledge required to become a billing specialist. The program provides an in-depth knowledge about related subjects. Following are a few important topics covered in a diploma of medical coding and billing specialist in Miami FL :

  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Finance
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic ICD Coding
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Coding Techniques
  • Medical Insurance

Students pursuing medical coding and billing degrees in Miami learn how to operate specialized coding software. The programs are divided into different components dealing with theoretical study and practical training. This allows students to get a better understanding of how the profession works.

Certification and Licensing
There are three major bodies that certify and license coders through licensing examinations. These include the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) which administers the Certified Professionals Coder Exam (CPC), and the American Health Information Management Association.

Career Outlook
Students who earn medical coding and billing degrees in Miami are eligible to apply for jobs in various healthcare institutions. Acquiring certifications further enhances the job prospects. Hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and rehabilitation centers require the services of medical coders and billers. These professionals can possibly earn competitive wages. For instance, individuals working as Billing and Posting Clerks earned a median annual wage of $33,450 in 2012 as reported by the O*NET.

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