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Computer Network Engineering in Miami

A computer network technician can be described as a professional who builds and maintains computer networks in business organizations. Computer technician careers have seen a rise in recent years due to never ending developments in computer technology. The demand for computer technician education has grown as more and more students are opting this as their career choice.

Diploma of Computer Network Technician in Miami
Education in computer network is offered at all levels in popular computer schools in Miami. A diploma of computer network technician in Miami covers all basic concepts of networks and gives students a strong hold on computer networks applications. Diploma of computer network technician in Miami has a duration of 6 months; however this duration may slightly from school to school.

The curriculum of the diploma of computer network technician in Miami is designed in a way to cover all introductory areas and advanced areas of networking. Students are prepared to become skilled computer network technicians. The program basically teaches students how to corporate server systems, provide support to network systems, and develop solutions for basic network problems. A few of the courses studied in diploma of computer network technician in Miami are:

  • Computer technology
  • Programming
  • Operating systems
  • Network theory and application
  • Web design
  • UNIX and LENIX
  • Pc upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Network administration
  • Network design and implementation
Skills Acquired
A diploma of computer network technician in Miami enhances various skills. Students develop communication skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and analysis skills. With a diploma of computer network technician in Miami, a student becomes eligible for various other certification exams such as network+ exam, A+ exam, and the security+ exam.
Career Prospects
After completion of a diploma of computer network technician in Miami, students can apply for various jobs in this field. Job positions that can be pursued include the following: network technician, systems administrator, PC support specialist, technical field support specialist. It has been calculated that the average annual income of a network administrator ranges from $31,423 to $72,568. The job opportunities can be enhanced by earning other certifications and by more work experience.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell me about the coursework of computer network engineering in Miami?

A:Courses in computer network engineering in Miami can differ from one institute to another. However, there are some major courses which are offered in most institutes. Coursework offered in computer network engineering may include computer technology, programming, operating systems, network theory and application, web design, network administration, network design and implementation.

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